Meet Anusheel Chowdry: An 18 Year Old, Chennai based Youngest Ultimate Entrepreneur & Social Media Influencer

Anusheel Chowdry completed his schooling in DAV Boys Senior Secondary School, Chennai & was the cultural secretary of his school. With his very own efforts & dedication he got into Christ University, Bangalore & is pursuing BA CEP there. He has done 3 internships while completing his 12th grade, Climber, Manasatva & Tedx.


He worked with climber & helped to form the Chennai school team & formulated event management as well as sales as an intern for 2 years and led a team of 50 students & was known as the Climber Junior Vice President in his school days & got an impressive LOR from the Co-Founders. He further became the school ambassador of TEDx & helped in conducting events. His final internship took place with Manasatva where he was the sales & event intern. Anusheel brought laurels to the company in all the 3 internships and also built a massive network all over Chennai. When offline market was going down, He realised the potential of Online business & saw the future in online marketing & In his 7th grade he started posting his Father’s gift products (Imported from China) on Facebook without his knowledge & today his Dad’s business has turned from offline to online where he has 300 resellers selling his products online all over India.

Instagram Page

He started a meme page in 8th grade single-handedly by the name, The Ultimate Trolls on Instagram which has a fan base of 2,80,000 followers today. A lot of discouragement came his way when people around him kept asking him to study, He made sure he studied, participated in school events as well as managed the page & excelled at everything! A lot of discouragement came his way when people around him asked the reason why he was doing all this & today the same people ask him how he did it! It doesn’t stop here, He also formed a WhatsApp group of all the Admins of Instagram pages which brought them together & evolved the concept of Cross promotions & everyone gained & grew out of it & which is extremely beneficial for all admins now! He supported the famous viners/bloggers Harsh Beniwal & Ashish Chanchlani by posting their videos and adding them to various groups when they had just started & today they own a fan base of millions.

An extremely mature guy who started learning the value of money at a very early age, It been quite a few years & Anusheel Chowdry has completely stopped troubling his parents for any kind of pocket money & has made himself financially independent. Not to forget the OLX mastermind where he gathered all his old household throwaway stuff & sold for a good amount on the OLX when he was just 11 years old putting his parents in shock. In his 11th Grade, he gifted himself a Two-wheeler worth 70,000 and said: “Thank you Instagram”.

Dedication of Anusheel Chowdry

Reselling pages, Helping a few pages recover their accounts & earning while growing other pages as well, Anusheel has always been dedicated to his work. He managed to get an aggregate of 92% in spite of putting so much time in the networking world. Before he entered college he made sure he gathered enough amount and gained interest from it which helps him for his daily expenses today. Managed to handle several pages and got them, good followers, by being the Co-admin. At the age of 18, He has collaborated his page with one of the most successful social media platform, TikTok & endless other companies throughout his journey. He has helped various people doing business on Instagram & gave them a platform to promote themselves & earned out of it. Not only this but the young kid has also helped several women get justice when they were mentally harassed by vulgar messages received on Instagram through his page. In between all this, he made sure he stayed grounded & never took anything or anyone for granted.

Being a school student Anusheel Chowdry had to focus on his 12th which backfired his page much and pages which started much after he ran ahead but he never lost hope and kept the zeal going & restarted with full determination and ensured maximum benefit. He not only entertains his followers but also helps them out through promotions and manages to earn through it. He is passionate about psychology, marketing and wants to make a career in the Media world. Anusheel is an ardent believer of Karma.

Helping others

His idea is to spread awareness about various social issues through memes. So people enjoy & are as well as aware of what’s happening. His immense knowledge over online marketing helps the small brands as well as big companies to get proper exposure which is required for its growth. The hunger he has to learn something new is the reason for his success. The never giving up the quality of his is something one must take inspiration from.

Though his journey wasn’t a cakewalk, he managed to overcome all the obstacles and become what he is today and even after reaching to the height of success his calm and collected nature is something worth learning for.

His hard work and dedication are the factors which are going to help him to succeed in his field and conquer his dreams and his good heart and pure intentions will be the main reason of him becoming a good person. His creativity, knowledge and dedication towards his work broke all the boundaries and his passion towards his work is enough to prove that he is here to stay.

Hard work

He also firmly believes that one should never feel contented with his work, as it kills the hunger to achieve more. As an influencer and artist, Anusheel inspires a lot of individuals and young lads who are fighting to make a mark in this field. He writes blogs, posts helpful tips to make sure that the future of entrepreneurship is in safe hands.

Anusheel feels that there is no shortcut to success, one can only achieve success by hard work, passion and dedication.No wonder why he has tasted so much of success in such an early age. Listening To Story of Anusheel we can only conclude one thing that Hard work always pays off.

He has got a great vision at such a young age & sees the future in Social media. Seeks for business & earning opportunities in every field. He goes by the quote “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who actually do it”. You will know him as a young dreamer.

You can follow Anusheel Chowdry on Instagram @anusheelchowdry

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