Mayawati’s disillusionment with Brahmin leaders

The election was over and Mayawati was disillusioned with the Brahmin leaders. He has expelled one of the Brahmin faces of the party, Nakul Dubey. He has been accused of indulging in anti-party activities. Keep in mind Nakul Dubey is considered close to party’s number two and Brahmin face Satish Chandra Mishra. The term of Rajya Sabha of Satish Chandra Mishra is also going to end in the next two-three months. After that they too will go on foot. Since only one MLA of Mayawati’s party has won, they are not able to give anything to Satish Chandra Mishra or any other leader. Everyone will have to wait for the 2024 elections.

However, before removing Nakul Dubey from the party, Mayawati also removed Ritesh Pandey, who was the leader of the party in the Lok Sabha. In place of Ambedkar Nagar MP Ritesh Pandey, Girish Chandra Jatav has been made the leader of the party. Keep in mind that the BSP has 10 MPs in the Lok Sabha. The results of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections were declared on March 10 and five days later, on March 15, Mayawati replaced Ritesh Pandey. It is believed that now his focus has once again become on consolidating his traditional Dalit and especially Jatav vote in it. Now the politics of Brahmin votes will once again be before the 2027 assembly elections.

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