Mayawati has not forgotten what her father told her till now

Former UP CM Mayawati had told that she had completely changed the goal of her life after one thing said by her father and decided to work for Bahujan Samaj.

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati never thought that she would enter politics. Mayawati was preparing for UPSC and wanted to become an IAS officer. But he had changed the goal of his life with the words of Kanshi Ram. The BSP supremo had told that his father has also had a very deep influence on his life. After one thing said by the father, another decision was taken.

While talking to ‘APN News’, Mayawati had told, ‘I did not even think that I would come into politics. As a student, I used to go to my grandmother’s house during summer vacations. There I saw that the localities of each caste are different. I asked my father why do people live separately? And why do people of other caste not like to come to our settlement? My father informed me about the Varna system and he also told me about Babasaheb Ambedkar.’

Mayawati had faith in hard work: The BSP supremo further says, ‘I read about Babasaheb after my father’s advice and decided that I have to close this gap. I think from the very beginning that no work is difficult. I have been very stubborn since childhood. If I stepped into any field, I stopped only after achieving success. I had a lot of confidence in my hard work. Babasaheb used to say that if anything is to be done, the Bahujan Samaj will have to take the master key of politics in its hands.

Describing the best experience of her life, Mayawati says, “When I got the chance to become the Chief Minister of UP, the best experience was that of my life. Because after taking oath as CM, I felt that I have fulfilled Babasaheb’s dream. I had shown more than 6 years of work in 6 months.

In an interview with senior journalist Shekhar Gupta, Mayawati had said, ‘After becoming CM, I realized that all the IAS-IPS had reached the office and they were waiting for my order. Had I not joined politics, I would have had to follow the orders of some other leader. But after becoming CM, I was able to work for my society.


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