Many shocking revelations about Murtaza, accused of Gorakhnath temple attack, was in contact with the fundamentalists!

Lucknow | Gorakhnath temple attack: After the attack on the Gorakhnath temple in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, security arrangements have been put in place in the Ram temple of Ayodhya as well. At the same time, UP ATS is continuously interrogating the accused of Gorakhnath temple attack. In which many new revelations have been made. Looking at every aspect related to the accused Ahmed Mortaza, his investigation is going on.

used to watch jihadi videos on the internet
Gorakhnath temple attack: UP ATS has come to know during interrogation of Murtaza that, he is a fan of radical Maulana Zakir Naik and used to watch his provocative speeches. Along with this, he used to watch videos related to ISIS. After which he also used to comment on those videos. In such a situation, he came in support of the radical terrorists. After which the fundamentalists made Murtaza a jihadi.

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took refuge in many madrasas on the Nepal border
Gorakhnath temple attack: Investigation agencies and ATS have got many important information about Murtaza. After which the team of UP ATS has also reached Mumbai to investigate his connection. Apart from this, it has been found in the investigation that Murtaza had also gone to Nepal. During that time he had reached many madrasas in the border area. In such a situation, search operation has been started in madrasas also.

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Murtaza is married, wife does not live together
Gorakhnath temple attack: Investigation revealed that accused Murtaza is married and his wife does not live with him. After which the security agencies are also looking for his wife. It is believed that he is currently in Mumbai.

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