Manish Mehta: A Young Boy Is Using Social Media For Social Good

Manish Mehta Founder of Menwithquote & SocialGyan chats with us about how he generated an Instagram following of over 600k by sharing his Motivational contents, Positive mental attitude, and encouraging self-development for Men & Women.

A 19 years young talented, boy from Jaipur (Rajasthan). He was born on 1 August 2000. He is currently a student of Mechanical Engineering and “Willing to spread his knowledge, experience, and positivity to the rest of the world.”

Manish began posting on Instagram 2 years ago and has amassed a following of over 600k. He is currently the owner of @menwithquote, @women.slogans and @success.slogans. This is just the beginning for Manish. We caught up with Manish to chat about his journey to becoming an Influencer and tips for staying positive thought and mindset. Check it out!

THE BEGINNING: Menwithquote

We all know that coming from a middle-class family is no less than a challenge. He always had a shortage of bucks. So he didn’t attend any money wasting thing. He was studying full-time in 1st year of Mechanical engineering. In his spare time, he was using Instagram on his smartphone from 6 months.

In July 2018, he was thinking about how to earn online using a mobile phone. He started his online journey after seeing some great motivation base pages on Instagram. Then he also created an Instagram account called “Being Versatile” (later Menwithquote). Very quickly, he began posting quotes related to motivation to help people. After 3 to 4 month of the hard work in content creation and analyzing Instagram, he believes that since “I dedicated my feed to motivation only I started to organically grow my audience who also enjoyed my thoughts.


And that’s how the story of Manish Mehta began.
In August 2018, Manish Mehta decided to create this platform @menwithquote in his spare time of college, where he tried to motivate men especially teenagers in the very first so that they focus on actual meaning and purpose of their lives and do not waste this very precious time in listening to the people who always want them to stay back. At the end of 2018, he bought a domain for menwithquote and started spreading motivation and positivity on the web as well.

After the Ending of 2018, he started collecting information about the most inspiring ladies and share those with the followers on another Instagram account called @women.slogans, where he tried to motivate women, especially teenagers. He has a friend Shikha Arya (co-admin) to handle women page because it’s normal for a girl to feel more interest towards other girls feelings rather than a boy. Along both, he created another page on the base of a successful personality that is @success.slogans.

At the end of 2019, he decided to launch a YouTube channel called “SocialGyan” to letting the people about social media Trends and News. In just four months he crossed 50k subscribers on YouTube by a viral video. He also has a domain for SocialGyan on the base of social media upcoming updated and prototypes.


In this day and age, there’s no shortage of information out there that promises your self-improvement. There is so much content available that finding something genuinely useful is really, really hard. So he created a web-page for the people who want to read as an article.

Menwithquote is a blog that shares practical tips and ideas on life, Motivation, Health, Grooming, Dating, Entrepreneurship, success, General self-improvement and much more. His Motive behind menwithquote is to “Ignite a fire in you by giving you exactly what you need to change your life in a positive direction. We do that by giving you information, motivation and accountability in bite-sized pieces you can swallow whole and implement immediately.

We all have a vision of just how incredible our lives could be if only we knew how to make our dreams a reality,” Manish says.


When he was working on his YouTube channel ‘SocialGyan-All about Social Media‘ to inform people about the problem and social media updates, a few months later he realized what about those people who are finding answers for their questions regarding social media problems, social media latest news and trends on Google. So he created a webpage also for it called “SocialGyan-All about Social Media“.

Socialgyan is a blog that covers everything to do with social media. It’s one-stop for all, with the latest news, insight and popular trends.

Manish Mehta is (blogger, YouTuber, & Social Media Influencer) and a mechanical engineer by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of menwithquote & SocialGyan. Life motto: “Be Awesome, Live Awesome! spread our knowledge, experience, and positivity to the rest of the world.

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