‘Mangal Pandey’ was the last film in the cinema halls of the valley, after 17 years, ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ was Gulzar

In the year 1989, cinema was made a ‘soft target’ by all terrorist organizations in the valley and panic was spread by attacking several cinema halls one after the other.

Theaters have been started once again in the valley.

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Kashmir (Kashmir) There was a time in the valley when there were 19 small and big cinema halls, of which 10 halls were built in Srinagar. In these cinema halls, people living around it, nearby shopkeepers and children were crowded. The names of some of these ten cinema halls of the valley are still heard frequently in the talk of the people, which include names like Naaz, Regal, Palladium, Neelam, Shah and Sheeraz Cinema. Due to the terrorist attack in the Valley in 1989 and the fear spread by the terrorists, all these cinema houses died and their gates were hanged.

In 1989, by issuing a decree, the terrorists had completely stopped the sale of liquor in the valley, while the second major announcement in the list of this decree included the closure of the cinema hall. This decree was issued by the then terrorist organization ‘Allah Tigers’.

After this decree, cinema was made a ‘soft target’ in the Valley by all terrorist organizations and panic was spread by attacking several cinema halls one after the other. After the attacks, all the cinema halls in the valley were deserted due to the fear spread among the people. In the year 1994, bunkers were built outside these vacant theaters by the government to keep the security forces, so that the panic spread among the people about these theaters could be reduced and cinema could be brought back to the valley once again.

In 1999, the National Conference government in Jammu and Kashmir tried again to open the Regal, Neelam and Broadway cinemas in Srinagar, but in September of the same year, a passerby was killed and more than a dozen people were injured in a grenade attack on the Regal cinema. . After this incident, two of the three theaters that were reopened, Regal and the Broadway cinema located some distance from it, were locked. The Neelam Cinema remained open till September 2005 and films continued to be shown in it, although the number of viewers was not according to the way terrorists were entering the area. In September 2005, Fidayeen was killed by security forces in an encounter near the gate of the Neelam cinema hall, when more than 50 people were watching the film in the cinema hall, mostly from outside workers. After this encounter, Neelam Cinema was also closed due to terror panic.

which was the last film in the valley

In September 2005, the day the encounter took place outside Neelam Cinema, Aamir Khan’s Mangal Pandey was being shown there. There was a lot of people watching Mangal Pandey movie. After this incident, locks were hanged in all the cinema halls of the valley. Now after 17 years, once again in the valley, the cinema is returning to the theaters. The special thing is that in the year 2005, theaters ended with Aamir Khan’s film Mangal Pandey and now once again a new beginning is being made with Aamir Khan’s film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’.


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