Manav sidhu. The upcoming Punjabi rapper

Manav sidhu a great Punjabi rapper. Has many dreams to achive and is going to also achive them through his hardwork. He is a man of his words. If once he plans to do something he gets it done. He has been through a lot. And there have been many obstacle in his pathway. But still there’s nothing to stop him from achieving his dreams. He is also a great soccer player. Who has also played for the Dandenong heights team in Melbourne. Against the Melbourne city. Soccer team. He loves to do the things that are hard to achieve.
He is focused on his goals.

Moreover. In a small age. He has been meeting with people from different countries. And has made great friends of all races and from all countries. While studying in Melbourne. He has also learned a lot about . International festivals and cultures. He has been struggling since day one.

To achive his goals was used to work part time job at mc Donald’s. Subway. Post office for helping his parents in making the school fees easier for the parents to pay half. And the other small amount would be paid form my job earnings. While being in Australia have watched the world from a wider range. And have observed many thing such as how does the world work. All the people here are not always good. Have learned many things that have also inspired me . There I had to be self dependent and had many responsibilities to carry on. Which had made my life so amazing. Which has also thought me many new things in life.

There have been many differences between living a life in foreign country as compared to living in india . Here, in india. Our parents are there for us always supporting us. Helping us in everything making our carrier. But there in foreign.

We gotta learn that we have to independent of anyone. Also another major thing too notice is that people in foreign countries trust you easily and are friendly in nature.they are always ready to help and support you. No matter how tough is your life going.

Living far from your parents also taught me many things. I gotta work hard and achive my dreams of becoming a great Punjabi rapper.

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