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Manav: Prisoner of Stories!

Man is a story. He lives his life in stories. At present some eight billion people on Earth Living life in the stories of 195 countries, 18 main religions and their 42 hundred sects. Life, society, religion, politics are all about stories. The continuation of life is the continuation of the story.… It is impossible for the story to end because the existence of both the creator and the creator is tied to each other. A man cannot survive without a story, so without a story, neither can a man. Living in the story, man continues to fabricate hereditary stories in his biological process.

Judgment Estuary-7: one story! Spontaneous, self-created and resonating and growing in its own ecosystem. It’s all in the story. A story full of myth, fantasy, illusion, experience, wisdom, logic, suspense-adventure, fun, thriller and rhetoric. The story doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t stop, it doesn’t have an epilogue. It is impossible to end it because the existence of both the creator and the creator is tied to each other. A man cannot survive without a story, so without a story, neither can a man. Man is a story. Living in it, in his biological process, he goes on fabricating hereditary stories. Makes family. Creates a way of life. Religion makes. Makes family, caste, society, community, race, civilization and country.

At present, some eight billion people of the earth live in the stories of 195 countries, 18 main religions and their 42 hundred sects. Life, society, religion, politics are all about stories. The continuation of life is the continuation of the story. The present swing of life i.e. Karma, Poetry, Festivals, Colors is all an experience of the stories of the past. This is the dream of the future. It’s the next chapter!

The inexplicable puzzle is that when did the story unfold in the human consciousness? When did time land the story on the ground? The story is continuous. It is written in the language of every age. In whatever form Homo sapiens wrote its journey, development of two and a half million years, the same is the essence of all the great texts which is of the Mahabharata of Hindus. Heroes, villains, extras and their characters have repeatedly raised the question of what is truth? What is the secret of the relationship between creation, nature and man? essence of life? What is the essence of man and his story?

Millions of years of human consciousness and stories intertwined in it! Despite this, it is still not possible to define man and his creation. See the wonder of the consciousness and effort of the human being that he is free from the surroundings of the African cave and is living in the light. In the last six thousand years, he has been writing a great story of breaking the universe with development, but he himself is not able to understand whether it is a Devkatha or a demonic one? Is he the creator or the destroyer? Is he a liar or true? Is he human or animal? What a tragic story that he is holding the mantra of development, while he has also taken the keys of destruction! If he has love, he is also hated! He is easygoing and arrogant too! In his ego he did not even consider the earth from which he was made! He had come out of the animal society as an advanced, independent, but with his own stories, he made separate enclosures of human beings with his own hands. Build animal farms for humans.

meaningless definition

That’s why the man and his story are very complicated! Therefore the scientific definition of ‘human homogeneous homogenous being a work of hereditary primates’ is meaningless. By the way, if any religious person does not follow this definition and if he believes that everything happened to God, then it is his right. Both the definitions do not match with the reality of human nature. Well how? After all, as a man is born, as he lives, but the conclusion of his experience is the same! If it is the pastime of God, then how did he become the incendiary of the universe, the earth and human existence? If he is the conscious being of Homo sapiens existence from the evolution of intelligence, intelligence, freedom, human nature, behavior from organic creation, then how are the majority of the eight billion human beings on earth sleeping? How are they pets of darkness, superstition, fear, exploitation, slavery and controlled life?

human instinct

This interpretation of human beings should be tied that he is carrying a free-spirited instinct in the mind’s consciousness. Wisdom is a matter of the latter, the primary element is the whirlpools of living in existence independent of biological diffraction. Its in-built are the organic creation of sanskar. Man means free from the animal form of animals, living his independent life with a separate anatomical consciousness! The recognition of being a sensible and knowledgeable creature of the living world is a matter of the latter. There is a loophole in this that when man is the ashes of destruction and destruction of both the earth and himself, then how can it be authentically believed that he is a sensible and knowledgeable creature!

However, in his opinion man is one who lives in the sovereignty of a free mind. Man is the one who wants to live in the environment of freedom, created by freedom and wanting to live in the environment of free existence.

The question is, why such insistence and condition of freedom in the definition of human?

Think, what must have been feeling in his mind when the primitive man came to know about existence? Wasn’t he tempted to get out of the cave and the wild surroundings? He was then without rules, restrictions, customs, country, government and system. He was living in the jungles and caves. He had nothing and being nothing but darkness, hunger, fear and dangers outside. While living such a life, many millions of years have been spent by the primitive man, only then one day a sudden experience opened the doors of his consciousness. Early man had courage. Out of the cave life, to see in the light, to meet the eyes of the rest of the animals, to know, to know, the fidget formed in his mind. As a result, the journey of Homo Sapiens began.

In that era, a ray of prodigy lifted the curtain in the mind used to darkness. When he was interviewed by the light, then that time, that day, that time etc. were the blessings of man to be separated from the animal world, to become independent. Man’s first step was then taken to be free from the environment of dangers, fear, hunger, and darkness. The first day of victory over fear. The first step of courage. The first ray of light and the first gust of freedom. The first planting of the seeds of man-making. The day in which the light was lit in the brains of the primitive humans and in which it was not lit, it was the day of dividing the living world into two parts. One branch of apes-chimpanzees and the other Homo sapiens branch of neoanthropes aka primates.

That first seed! Hunger, prodigy, desire, then aspiration and capricious aimlessness, wherever the opportunity moves there, the steps rise in the inspiration of the journey! This information of the primitive human ancestors was built-in in the brain that how the anatomy was? How born, when death? Meaning if a new plant sprouts from a seed, what will the tree be like? How wide, what leaves, what branches, what age and what length. Will flowers bloom or fruit or thorns? Similarly, the built-in Homo sapien seed of primitive human chimpanzee DNA was understood to be basic.

The sprouted seeds gradually began to take shape from the energies of the light. he stood. He started walking on two feet. minded and open. Memory open. People began to spread on the earth. The experience was created and Homo sapiens spread across the expanding continents. With memories of walking, running and experiences, he again started living in illusions, dreams and prodigies. Be hardworking. One prodigy turned into many prodigies. Wherever he went, he grew, fed and grew up in the natural surroundings. Place, time, natural environment molded man in his appearance. This being so is the same changed exterior of the original seed, like the difference between the Brazilian mango and the Indian mango. Like there is a difference between China and India’s litchi. Color different. size different. Variety on one thing but many in nature. That which is inherited from the original seed, is built in. After all, it is not possible to plant the seed of a banyan tree and the soil-air-water can make it a mango tree.

There was no society then. The lonely existence of a lonely man. Then his family became the clan, of which he was the head. This truth has many meanings. It is to be noted that the development of consciousness of human beings like Dhuni etc. is from the basic rites of individualism, individual enterprise, effort, courage and audacity. Anthropology and Darwin’s evolution also suggest that the discovery of a particular individual, its own energy, was by inspiration. Innumerable eggs did not fall on the earth from God, nor was it automatic for humans to come out of them. Individual freedom, Ekla Chalo Mein Adi Manav saved, increased and made his own courage, killing instinct in the occasions of ‘Survival of the Fittest’, Survival of the best i.e. ‘Daivo Dumbhaghatak’.

Free-spirited, capricious, etc. humans made huts while scouring the corners of the earth. Made stone tools. Learned how to use them. Hunting, farming and animal husbandry. Homo sapiens lived a completely individualistic independent life for some one hundred and ninety thousand years. In these one lakh ninety thousand years, man made basic developments like tools, words, speech (communication), stone-iron weapons, fire, wheels, utensils, animal husbandry, jhum farming in the phases of the Palaeolithic period, the Neolithic period. Freedom of all human beings from entrepreneurship. In the same way, the work of identifying the forces of nature, considering them as gods, invoking them with names and mantras, making raw and concrete tribal rites from birth to death was done then. That’s when the foundation of making and making, hearing and telling stories started, from which man started living in hereditary stories!

only six thousand

You would like to know that when the time came when man made a new thought in place of his own effort? Did he need a common arrangement? Make yourself a social animal? Started making religion, politics to run life? Started converting himself into History, Humanities – Humanity?

Barely six-eight-ten thousand years ago! The process of cultivation of man started around 7-8 thousand BC. In this experience, worms possessing built-in genes from ancestral chimpanzees engulfed the minds of whimsical people who roamed about fertile land, water, and pasture. In the archeological evidence of then, the fact of possession and competition of resources due to theft and kidnapping of animals, crops, women is evident. This means that the experiences of human tribal conflicts i.e. the series of quarrels and reconciliation started. (There is scientific evidence for such a tendency in the current behavior of chimpanzees. The 99 percent similarity in the DNA of chimpanzees and modern humans is also true. I will discuss it in further detail). Be that as it may, barely five to ten thousand years ago, the seeds of social and political chaos in Homo sapiens germinated.

BC From 3800…

When agriculture increased in 3800 BC, man felt the need for water, fertile land, pasture. Understand the importance of these things. Then there was a competition among the people and the impression of resourcefulness and status started forming in the mind. According to the known history, there was a drought in Mesopotamia in 3800 BC. Then there was a community understanding among the people living in the village that this is not right, so settle on the banks of the river and canal. After the settlement of river-canal banks, the idea of ​​community was created among the farmers to take care of the water. The first community human management of water took place in Mesopotamia. After a few centuries, people in the Indus River Valley and the Yellow River Valley of China also made similar arrangements for farming.

Consider the time of the present year 2022, after four thousand years of BC and two thousand years after Christ, in total, human beings are keeping the destiny of karma stories of only six thousand years. From that, after the stories of religion, society, politics, development, modernization, globalization, now the mouth of destruction!

Six thousand years ago man was without government, system, politics, leader, religion and society. Human beings knew the meaning of water and fertile land even though they were thousands of miles away from each other. Homo sapiens was roaming around. It is obvious that the Homo sapiens development of intelligence, understanding of truth and invention according to its need, understanding of resources, thinking and thinking was due to the self-consciousness of individuals, action, entrepreneurship, fearlessness.

Think, in two lakh years, one lakh 90 thousand years, how man made himself from himself. Without any system and boundary wall, human civilization automatically spread on the earth. The perception is that globalization is a recent phenomenon. But didn’t the primitive man do this millennia ago without free-spirited smoke, low consciousness and no resources? Human consciousness was spreading fearlessly all over the earth! Think, didn’t humans without governments make human presence in every corner of the earth in one lakh ninety thousand years and made the earth a human world?

And then? Manav has given his own experience, his story as an extension of community, religious, political mythology. The community idea that sprouted in Mesopotamia then began the process of becoming clan chiefs, dynasties and kingdoms and emperors in Sumer. Gradually from that, now in the truth of the parallel stream of development and destruction, there is a question that what is the end of the human story? What is the end of the uninterrupted series of fights and quarrels for three thousand years and the continuously recurring stories of human nature?… To understand this, it is also necessary to know the story of human nature. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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