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man caught up in questions

We and you may not see the holocaust, but the descendants of two-three generations after us or at most ten generations later will be burning on the earth, drowning and even killing each other! Neither the earth is safe nor the survival of man is safe! …..How many humans are scientifically concerned about the scenario of catastrophe? Understanding how the present is on the verge of destroying both man and the earth. ,finished’ If the word is too much ‘Injured’ Consider the situation. Even then human civilization is heading towards a tragic end!

Judgment estuary-1: A journalist is a reporter of history. He is a witness to the events. He follows them. Understands the reality of the faces of the headlines. Truth opens. Slowly he starts climbing the stairs of thought-philosophy. Journalism progresses from time and place in the question of when, where and what. The focus is on why it happened instead of what happened. Eats jerks every now and then. Yakshay questions are formed in the mind. How come any race is still living in the Puranas? How can a thousand years old slaves and boars, despite the truth, be arrogant about their mastery? How has any race absorbed the passion to paint the whole world in one colour? In the twenty-first century of the splendor of science and logic, how was man stunned and helpless before the epidemic? Those mind-blowing photos from above, in which people were seen escaping the virus by leaping cow dung or clapping! Innumerable people in the world are not even ready to accept the truth of the virus!

The Mahadasha of Mahakal which did not end the disaster and before that the disaster of Ukraine! The war was again fought with genocide and barbarism on the soil of Europe. Earlier human experience of inhumanity after battles in Syria, Yemen, Islamic State, Boko Haram, Afghanistan etc.! On the other hand, the melting earth is ringing the bells of cataclysmic climate change! Then the question is, who says that the existence of man, the living world and the earth is permanent – eternal? Do not think that we and you may not see the catastrophe, but two-three generations after us or at most ten generations later, the descendants will be burning on the earth, drowning and even destroying each other! Neither the earth is safe nor the survival of man is safe!

The period of only eight thousand years and in that man should make himself and his earth the cataclysm mouth! Yes, the millennium-old creation, climate and living world are on the verge of annihilation as a result of human actions of just eight thousand years! Eight thousand years ago the actions of man were of a child-friendly, easy-going life. He created neither religion, nor politics, neither country nor system. Then man was a wanderer. Was free-spirited. He used to do farming and nature contemplation on the banks of the river. Some were composing Vedas and mantras and some were worshiping the sun and water. Earth was comfortable and that cradle of man. Water, climate, air, sky-penetration and the living world did not even know what pollution is. Homo sapiens was roaming all over the earth. Tuber-root or hunting and animal husbandry used to live an independent life, feeding their family, clan, tribe! Then system-government-king-queen and civilization-culture meant neither development nor development.

Are we aware of this past, human reality? Yes, there was a similar relationship between the life of Homo sapiens and the earth, literally six-eight thousand years ago. Whatever the population was at that time, it was not a slave of any system. People roamed and farmed in the forest or riverine tract aka ‘Mesopotamia’ in the areas of Sumer, Egypt, the Doab of the Five Rivers in Sindh, or the Yellow River Valley of China. People lived by animal husbandry, hunting and farming. As per the need of tools, communication, lived a simple life of living. But all from a life of freedom and freedom. There was a time when the thinkers, sages and sages were composing Vedas and mantras on the banks of the river, understanding nature. Contemplating the existence of himself and the surroundings, he was cultivating the powers and energies. Neither caste, nor line, nor master and slave!

But that truth is because it is not written in the stories made by man, then there is no thought in the memory of the people that once the ancestors were living life freely, freely roaming around the whole world. What was the relationship between humans and the earth then and how are they now? What is the condition and direction of eight billion human beings and their sustenance earth? There is an answer to this yaksha question, so that a global society of eight billion people and the future existence of the earth can be thought of with confidence.

The 21st century began with the belief that history is now at an end! Believing that people are dying less from war than from diseases. But look at the photographs of the early twenty years of the century. More horrifying and crying scenes from the last world wars. Well, 9/11, the destruction in Iraq-Syria-Libya, the continuous rally of refugees arriving floating across the ocean, the photo of an innocent girl reaching the seashore and the current refugee rallies in Ukraine and the scenes of the massacre, which memory is going to be erased soon ? From the genocide in Boko Haram, the Islamic State and Ukraine to the melting of the earth, the deteriorating weather and the disasters-pandemics, will there be the slightest belief that all is well. Homo sapiens is on the way to become homo dias!

I live in the truth of science, logic and the energies of creation! That’s why I’m optimistic. Despite this, how is it possible to be optimistic about a man who has made the existence of Bhuloka in turmoil in the course of his and his land’s development of eight thousand years? Make nuclear power buttons with your own hands for the complete annihilation of earth-humanity. He has created the condition of the earth by which he is destroying himself. Yes, both humans and the earth are momentarily on the verge of extinction! If destruction is possible in a moment with nuclear weapons, then there is a real danger of cataclysm and all-over in the earth-cosmic system due to the slightest imbalance of the movements understood by science regarding CO2, heat, solar rays. Eight billion people will not even notice and in a moment everything will be destroyed. Catastrophe in the moment!

How many human beings have such scientific concern of catastrophe scenario? Understanding how the present is on the verge of destroying both man and the earth. If the word ‘finished’ sounds too much, then consider it in the ‘injured’ state. Even then human civilization is heading towards a tragic end! The twenty-first century is not the end of history, but the end of humanity and the earth. Only then it is possible that only one hundred and fifty years of the 20th and 21st centuries can be called the golden period of human civilization in history, despite the truth of two great wars and destructive science. I believe that science and reason hold the possibility of a new incarnation of man. Perhaps from the new incarnation humans settled in another planet. Make a few human descendants their new human world. But in moments of catastrophe, when such gods will fly in a spacecraft, then surely there will be no people of Earth’s Cattle class in that flight! It is clear that the mob of the boor, the slave and the devotee-obsessed race of the past is bound to end in the Holocaust. Nevertheless, such people are to die suffocating in the coming decades in the new Mahabharata, great struggles of biological differences of the body!

The thinkers-truth-seeking scholars-scientists made many fantasies in the last six millennia. Gave many shapes and sizes. She was helpful for the good of man. It was to be so because of the godly human beings of the truthful, independent swan-paramahansa race and not from the leaders of the Cattle class, its exploiters and the demonic aspects of human nature. It is the truth of history that the destiny of humanity was made only by the continuous flight of human beings like Hansa-Paramhansa in the infinite of intellect-truth. Man became capable of knowing the truth of the universe. Then there is the puzzle of lakhs of rupees that man has become so capable by doing truthful practice, but how could he not make his humanity sensible, truthful and human? Why was it never decided to make the entire human society intelligent, prudent, truthful? Why do humans have different futures in human society? Why does the Cattle Class of human sheep seem to be destined for the future to live in a dry, barren, desert, earthly hell of artificial intelligence?

The future is very rough. Only then every sensible person is urged to read the possible thoughts of the future of man and earth and understand the truth of the present condition of human existence. If that is not possible then watch futuristic movies with scientific elements. Then if you can understand the height of human civilization with your eyes, then the earth and the ravines made by the human society on their own land will also be created by their own hands. If there is development, then many times more humanized buttons of self-made destruction capabilities. If there is creation then more than that, the destruction of changing, melting, drowning the earth. Human beings have become Kuber out of effort, so most of them are due to animality of hunger for ownership. Recently, the futuristic film ‘Dune’ was in the news. The film is a tableau of the future of Earth and the Universe. Seeing this, it is our bottom line that the root of the crisis is to strengthen the instinct of ownership and hunger from the primitive DNA of man. Only then has that human world of inequality, exploitation become, due to which the existence of existence is also due to the orgy of struggle. No wonder that in fifty-hundred years man will find himself in a new time when new scientists to control each other will be engulfed in witchcraft devices. The Cattle Class of man will not be aware and their hearts and minds will be alive in the exploitation of demonic possession by artificial intelligence, genetic means.

There is a dialogue in the cinematic reality of the movie ‘Dune’, “The secret of life – not a question to be answered, it is a reality to be experienced”! In this, if you think about the current reality of human life of eight billion people, then the experience is so scary and diabolical uncultured. Core reason one! At the same time, by which man has converted himself into animal form with his own hands. With your own hands you have made your Lord and Master. Politics is made. He has surrendered his self, his consciousness, freedom and soul to the leaders, the system and the Gods. The earth is divided into boundaries and four walls. In other words, the land is divided into four walls of ownership, hunger, fear, power, empire and civilizations! Think, how Homo sapiens has traveled the last eight thousand years, knowingly or unknowingly reaching the destination of a demonic universe or the mouth of the cataclysm.

‘Dune’ is a future cinematic reality after 23,000 years. Can say much later. Then take a look at current live experiences. Is the 21st century not headed for a climate disaster? The truth is that countries are sinking. People are getting scorched in the heat. Fertile land is becoming desert. It is sure to happen in future that deserts will yearn for water and fertile land for normal weather. Don’t know how many people die of hunger and how many are due to politics. Neither the ‘end of history’ is possible for Fukoyama’s vision of the future, nor the future vision of Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ is to be attained by human beings. Nor do you have to become a consciousness like Emperor Ashoka after experiencing destruction.

Why not? Because the yaksha question of the eternal nature of man remains unanswered. The issue is of human nature, to whom there is Rama and so is Ravana. It is the truth of the experiences of the waking human consciousness of Homo sapiens that philosophers did not think less on the questions of life truth but without a final answer. That is why for four-five hundred years the truthfulness of science has proved to be overwhelming. He is blowing the poles of religion-philosophy-politics. Constantly emerging new questions about the recurring past of man’s experience with nature and the earth! No matter how much you think on the elasticity of human nature and the health of the earth, you will be lost in deer and mirage.

Conflict and destruction are increasing in the land. It will continue to grow. Suppose for a moment that humans recover from wars and climate change, what next? What after the battle of civilizations? Will he then be freed from the memories of history? Will the earth be free from the nature of man, those natures, those memories from which religion is. Desire for ownership. There is hunger for wealth, power and politics. There is a fear of insecurity and because of all this the existence of Ihloka is confined within four walls and chains. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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