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Man born, blank slate?

The question is whether the child’s brain at birth is a blank slate or the slate is hereditary pre-coding, programming of results of past karma, What is the structure? ,Ravana was made Ravana by innate nature or was he upbringing, education, experience, egoistic chemistry of achievements, monstrous from the bumps of the inter-sources? Similarly, Russia’s President Putin is the innate seed, the inspiration of the experiences of nature and environment, Are there barbaric attackers of demonic tendencies from the inner energies? What makes great giants like Putin and Hitler come from the surroundings and the boundary wall of the population?

The estuary of the Holocaust-9 : In human folk belief, birth is a simple, spontaneous process. In fact, man has been most surprised at the birth of biological creation. Searching for truth. Human beings keep fluttering to know the meaning of birth for the birth chart. The issue of human birth is an unknown mystery in the experiences of the universe. Man considers the birth of a fat body to be God and his pastime. Science may now be on the verge of making a human settlement in the universe. Despite this, it does not seem possible that he can create organic consciousness by creating Panchtatva Leela of soil, water, air etc. in a barren planet? He must have been there with a repetition of the birth process of the Earth’s egg! It is not possible to produce a human conscious model baby in the newly invented process in the laboratory. At present, science is in the lab for the essential elements of human birth, i.e. seed, till the creation of uterus, womb.

Why? Perhaps because the seed element of the birth process germinates in a particular way. The nature, memory, DNA, and energies of that seed have such an inherent inter-source, in the coding of its impulses and sensations, that it sprouts. It is possible that it appears in the effects of the waves of the universe, the tides of energies. Memory ingestion of the essence of experiences and the result of energies may give birth to biological creation!

The stage of human birth is also mere speculation. For example, at the time of birth the child is like a blank slate. But this assumption is not correct. Birth means the germination of the ancestor’s experiences, the built-in inter-source of consciousness and the hereditary seed. After birth, as soon as the child’s eyes are opened, the senses of the biological body receive momentum from the first movement of exposure to the surroundings. His memory is working in the direction of seeing, understanding, laughing, crying, laughing or experiences. It means the creation of the birth chart in the middle of the time from conception to the moment of birth. Something must have happened that the blank slate is taken with the lines of the birth chart. Do not think that I am tying birth in astrology, planets and constellations, destiny. My focus is on the scientific debate about how the child carries DNA and what conscience at the moment of birth? After that, how is his innate nature nurtured by the environment? Does his personality automatically blossom from innate tendencies or does personality begin to form from the conditions of the environment?

Life with a blank slate..

The real question is whether a child’s mind at birth is a blank slate or is it created by hereditary pre-coding, programming of past results? A story with an already written birth chart or a blank slate mind for a new story without a birth chart? Predetermined, hereditary tendencies of ancestors, reincarnation of the child from genes and personality or the beginning of becoming personality from the environment of exposures, lullabies rituals and geography? Is the biological creation of man being pushed by the inner-source or by the unknown power of the soul-Parmatma, everything predetermined in the movement and realization of actions and the results of actions?

These questions have been going on since time immemorial. Only then, thinking on these, mankind molded itself in its thoughts in six thousand years. Made their arrangements. Created the order of development and made himself bound by four walls in the making of existence identity.

Hence the three points. One, the scientific truth of the biological body’s built-in DNA. Two, the estimation of the energy, movement and experience of the body from the latent divine energies. Three, the evolution of humanity through natural selection, in the natural selection from the earth’s surroundings. Then gradually the whirlpools of change or diffraction in the body’s built-in genes and conduct result in the relationship of causality!

In the journey of Homo sapiens, the research about the puzzle of human birth did not stop. Man was considered in the ideas of philosophers, apostles. From them again he became a living being in four walls. In religion, civilizational ideas, moral values, ways of life created and disturbed human nature and nature. Human nature itself was nurtured, nurtured by its instincts. Perhaps that is why the basic merits and demerits of human DNA are now multiplied by chimpanzees. Chimpanzee is living as it is in its original nature, while the demonic nourishment of man has also taken place, due to which he looks like a bhasmasur.

How did this happen? Man in the destiny of nature or a by-product of evolution and development? Homo sapiens, which evolved into distinct human life, also created the wildness of the original chimpanzee instincts. Divided himself into different tolas. In the hunger of ownership, it became savage, turned violent. When he became civilized, he repeatedly behaved in a wild and barbaric manner.

In such a dire situation, the question is, why are humans not considering the dual nature, tendencies, in the situation before Homo sapiens became a deity or Homo dias? Why is he constantly moving on from his suicidal nature for the sake of the earth and himself? What are the inner sources of the human systems of six thousand years, the energies of nature and nature, from which the instincts of primitive nature dominate the senses of the majority of human societies?

nature vs environment

So the conduct of man by innate hereditary nature is responsible for all the disturbances? Or the twelfth of experiences on a blank slate after birth, messed with math? In fact, human beings are ignorant of the world they have created, despite having touched the universe through evolution. He has molded his life into so many variations, complexities that the original seed of his nature, behavior, and memory of experiences will never be lost. Can’t decide what caused what? People live in immediate hunger, fear and ego, so what is there is an animal farm life of four walls of religion, system, culture, politics. For millennia, humans have lived in experiences and differences that, while permanently divisive and quarrelsome, are also cursed to live in the animalistic tendencies of Animal Farm.

The transition from animal farms, to isolated human beings and back to animal farm life, is the result of the shared distorting effects of both the DNA of the fat biological composition and the nurturing of the environment.

According to philosophers, a child is born empty handed, empty mind. His mind is a blank slate. When the senses of his mind and brain are awakened, then through experience, in his blank slate, seeing, thinking and thinking, insistence-bias and sanskars are formed. It is nourished by its surroundings. It is believed that even the blank slate is a mold, a mold of the boundary wall. In this groove, the inbuilt truths of culture, experience, history and living life are the factors, causes and effects of man’s nature creation. After that, the person’s personality is formed by the external manure-water-air, the energies and attainments of the five elements.

Messing with an empty blackboard?

Philosophers, religion promoters, theorists of human consciousness, behaviorist psychologists, evolutionary scientists believe that nature and nature have an essential role in more or less proportion in human personality. The interactionism of the two affects the nature of almost everyone. What is the role of nature and nature and the behavior of man, the intelligence behind him, how and what are their effects and consequences in consciousness, these are the permanent puzzles of dispute. Some have been thinking about these for two and a half thousand years. The debate on nature versus environment began with the fourth-century BC philosopher Hippocrates in the decisive edict of the medieval philosopher John Locke (1632–1704) that whatever may be the driving force of human behavior, the external conditions of the environment Huh. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778) took this philosophy further. He expressed his thought in a blank slate phrase from a word derived from Latin. According to this, the child is born with the reality of empty mind, blank slate, blank blackboard. He is positive and has good qualities. Gradually the experiences of exposure to the surroundings are stored in blank slate memories. They give decisive shape to human instinct.

Obviously, in the theory of blank slate, human behavior is shaped by the nourishment after birth. Meaning the role of innate-hereditary human nature is less. The insistence of scientists is on both human DNA and nutrition. Here is the right approach. There is also an inexplicable mystery in this that how the sensation of the senses in the innate DNA is shocked by the energies and chemicals of the inner sources, which becomes a superhuman and then a great demon! Did Ravana become Ravana by innate nature or did he become demonic by the arrogant chemistry of upbringing, education, experience, achievements, bumps from the inner sources? Similarly, is Putin, the President of Russia, a savage attacker of a demonic nature by birth seed or from the experiences of the environment? Isn’t the boundary wall of environment and population the reason that created great giants like Putin and Hitler? It seems that the four walls of the population groups make animal farms from the special innate nature, nature and space-time environment of humans! (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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