Mamta got furious about the invitation

Kolkata, Mamta Banerjee has expressed displeasure at the central government over the invitation to attend the event to unveil the statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose near India Gate. Mamta said furiously that she is not a servant of the Centre. He said that the language of the invitation is such that a subordinate person is being called. Significantly, on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi unveiled a 28 feet tall statue of Netaji in the canopy in front of India Gate.

Earlier, Mamta Banerjee got furious about the invitation to the program. She has said about this program that she will not be present on the occasion of the dedication of Netaji’s statue in Delhi, because she did not get the invitation properly. He said on Thursday that he received a letter from a bureaucrat yesterday. Mamta told- It is written in the letter that you have to be present in PM’s program. Like I am his servant….

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said at a rally in Kolkata on Thursday that she received a letter from a bureaucrat yesterday informing her about this evening’s programme. Mamta said- I received a letter from an Under Secretary yesterday, in which it was said that PM will inaugurate Netaji’s statue at 7 pm and you should be there at 6 pm. As if I am his servant. How can a secretary write to the Chief Minister? He said- That is why I paid homage to Netaji by garlanding the statue here this afternoon.

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