Major plane crash in Nepal

Kathmandu. A double engine plane flight of Nepal’s Tara Air crashed on Sunday. The plane went missing after takeoff. Later, the location of the plane’s crash was revealed from the location of the pilot’s mobile phone. The relief and rescue team reached the spot late in the evening. There are 22 passengers in this plane including three crew members. There are also four Indians among them. It is being told that the names of the Indians aboard the aircraft are Ashok Kumar Tripathi, Dhanush Tripathi, Ritika Tripathi and Vaibhavi. The Indian Embassy in Nepal has issued a helpline number for help.

According to the Nepal Army, local people told that the plane crashed on the banks of the Lamchi river. It is a river of Manapati Himal region of Mustang district. The soldiers found it very difficult to reach there due to bad weather and the area being in the valley. According to the Nepal Airport Authority, the plane took off from Pokhara to Jomsom at 9:55 am on Sunday. It was supposed to land at 10:20, but it could not be contacted even after 11.00 am. According to reports, the plane was 30 years old.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal later said that two helicopters were pressed into service, which have reached the spot. According to this, the mobile phone of a captain of the aircraft was on, when his location was traced, the location of the aircraft was also found. Although nothing was officially said about this till late evening.

Earlier, Nepali Army spokesman Narayan Silwal told that a Mi-17 helicopter has left for Mustang. Later, Home Ministry spokesperson Fadindra Mani Pokhreli said – We have deployed two helicopters in Mustang and Pokhara to search for the aircraft. According to Tara Air spokesperson Sudarshan Bartaula, three crew members were on board the plane. Among the passengers were 13 Nepalese, four Indian and two German passengers.

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