Major plane crash in China

Beijing, A major plane crash happened on Monday afternoon in Guangxi, China. A total of 132 people were on board this plane of China Eastern Passenger Airlines. The plane crashed in the mountains of Guangxi. 123 passengers and nine crew members were among those on board. Some pictures of the plane crashing in the middle of the forest on the mountain have come to the fore. It is seen in them that after the plane crash, there was a fire in the forest there. china eastern boeing crash

The information about how many people died in this plane crash was not revealed late at night, but the accident was so horrific that there is little chance of anyone’s survival. According to Chinese state media Global Times, Flight MU 5735 took off from Kunming Changshui Airport at 1.15 pm. This flight was to reach Guangzhou at 3 pm. 71 minutes after take-off, this plane became a victim of the accident.

It is being told that the plane fell 30 thousand feet in less than two minutes. The aircraft had lost contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC) 43 minutes before landing. The aircraft carrying the passengers is a Boeing 737. There was no statement from China Eastern Airlines about the accident. watching the plane crash A villager said that the fire started as soon as the plane fell, due to which a large part of the surrounding forest was burnt.

Shubham Bangwal

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