Mahant had told about rape after being evicted from the house, mother and sister remembered after registering FIR.

New Delhi | Mahant Viral VIdeo : The video from Khairabad became increasingly viral on the occasion of Hindu New Year. Mahant of Sangat Bajrang Muni Das had given a controversial statement on this occasion, after which an FIR was registered against him. However, after the registration of the case, Mahant immediately came on the back foot and apologized for his statement. Apologizing, Mahant Muniraj has released another video in which he is apologizing for the statement made by him. In the video, Mahant is heard saying that if anyone has been hurt by my words, then I apologise. He further says that I want to apologize to all the mothers and sisters and respect all women.

video went viral

Mahant Viral VIdeo : A video of Mahant went viral on 2 April in which he made a controversial statement. In the video going viral, Mahant was talking about raping women and daughters of a particular community from home. After the video was shared on Twitter, people started giving different types of reaction to it. When the video started becoming increasingly viral, the eyes of the administration also opened.

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The name has been associated with land dispute

Mahant Viral VIdeo : Mahant, who made a statement on the rape of women and daughters of a particular community in the viral video, has a criminal history. In this case, after registering a complaint with the police and started investigation, it came to know that a case is already registered against him regarding the matter of land. Here, after the video went viral, SP Sitapur has been given the responsibility of investigating the matter. It has been told that Bajrang Muni gave this statement during a procession on the day of April 2 i.e. on the occasion of Hindu New Year.

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