Maha Shivratri Special: Use these things in worship of Mahadev, not poison, it is like nectar


Maha Shivratri Special

new Delhi : Maha Shivratri Special: These things should be used in the worship of Mahadev like Datura, Belpatra etc. are full of medicinal properties. These things are used in Ayurveda to cure many diseases. Know about their benefits on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri.

The things which are used in the worship of Lord Mahadev, the God of Gods. Which is not used in the worship of any other deity. Like hemp, datura, aak flowers, bel leaves etc. Most of these things are considered poisonous by people and people do not use them in everyday life. But for Bhole Shankar, these things are not like poison. Bholenath uses both nectar or poison in this world. Whatever is there in nature, all of them have some meaning and nothing is in vain. Most of the things offered in the worship of Mahadev are full of medicinal properties.


Datura is a prickly fruit. But people consider it a fruit like poison, because of this, they use Datura at home. By the way, Datura is a very useful thing. In Ayurveda, it is used as a medicine to cure many diseases. It is very beneficial in the problem of chronic fever, joint pain, as well as in ending the effect of poison. It is said that the poison that Mahadev drank at the time of sea churning, used Dhatura to remove the effect of that poison, because of this Mahadev likes Dhatura very much.


Bholenath is also more fond of cannabis. Especially on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri, bhang ki Thandai is prepared. But cannabis is considered intoxicating. People believe that Shiva ji remains engrossed in the intoxication of cannabis, but Mahadev is a yogi and considers all things equal. Cannabis is a grass and shrub-like plant. Cannabis is useful in relieving insomnia, tension, headache, all skin related problems, but in any problem it should be used in a limited quantity with the advice of a specialist.

bell letter

Bel leaves do not believe in poison, but Bel leaves are not used in the worship of any other deity except the worship of Mahadev. It is said that the burning of Halahal in Mahadev’s body was pacified only after eating Bel leaves. By the way, bel leaves have many medicinal properties. Bel leaves have a very cooling effect and are used to strengthen the digestive system ranging from diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and heart-related diseases.

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