Macron loses majority in parliament

Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron has suffered a major setback in the parliamentary election. Macron, who won the presidential election two months ago, has lost a majority in parliament. In April, Macron had more than three hundred seats in the National Assembly of France, which has now come down to 245. France needs 289 seats for a majority in the 577-member National Assembly.

On the other hand, right-wing leader Marine Le Pen’s National Rally Party and a coalition of left parties, which challenged Macron in the presidential election, got a big success in the parliamentary elections. Le Pen’s party has got a lead of eight seats, after which its tally has reached 89. On the other hand, the Left parties, which contested together under the NUPES alliance, got 131 seats. These election results have caused turmoil in French politics.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne says the situation is shocking. He said- Modern France had never seen such a National Assembly. This is a dangerous situation for our country. However, Laure Lovelle, spokesman for the National Rally party, says the National Assembly now better reflects the views of the French electorate and that his party will play the role of a constructive opposition. After losing his majority in parliament, the coming five years will be difficult for Macron.

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