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While doing excellent work in educational, cultural, literary and social fields, Maa Vindhyavasini Trust is also disseminating the work of service to the society well through medical information. A campaign is being run by Maa Vindhyavasini Trust to make everyone aware of health in the society by well-known doctors online, through which eye doctors, dentists, and gynecologists made everyone aware of a healthy and safe routine. He is going. People from country and abroad, villages and towns took advantage of the online program.

to establish a healthy society

The convener of the program, Sadhna Mishra Vindhya and patron Neelu Saxena ji informed that the purpose of the program is to establish a healthy society. Dr. Tanjila Qureshi ji apprised all the members present about important information about the safety of teeth, Dr. Shabnam ji made everyone aware about gynecological diseases and provided important information about the safety of his body.

Recognize diseases by their symptoms

Program coordinator Sadhna Mishra Vindhya ji told that we can identify many diseases by their symptoms and prevent them from progressing, but we can recognize the symptoms only when we have information about them and this information is given to us every Tuesday. Provided regularly in the programs organized.

Can protect yourself from serious diseases

Every Tuesday this program is organized online from 4:00 PM in which members of all age groups can attend to get solutions to their problems as well as protect themselves from serious diseases.



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