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Oral Cancer: On Wednesday, a guest lecture on the topic ‘Preventive aspects of oral cancer’ was organized by the Faculty of Paramedical Sciences at King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in the capital. As a guest speaker in the program, General Surgery Ed. Prof Parijat Suryavanshi was live.

On this occasion the Dean of the Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, Prof. Vinod Jain told that “We should never remain in doubt that oral cancer occurs only in the elderly or people after the age of 40. But it can happen to anyone at any age. So we should eat good food and drink.” One should also be afraid of touching things like tobacco, cigarettes etc.

Cigarettes Harmful (Photo : Social Media )

Changes are visible in the lungs only after smoking 20 cigarettes

Keynote speaker of the program Ed. Prof Parijat Suryavanshi said that life is like a deck of cards. He said that “if a person has been smoking for ten years, it takes 10 years to become normal after quitting. Nicotine does not cause cancer. But nicotine promotes carcinogenic agents, which cause cancer. Changes in the lungs begin to show only after smoking 20 cigarettes. He explained that screening and education are the most helpful preventive measures.

The program was conducted by Sonia Shukla. Shivangam Giri, Anamika Rajput, Shyam, Raman and Shivani had a special contribution in making this program a success.


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