Lucknow KGMU: Strict instructions of the Vice Chancellor to the doctors, write only the medicines available in the premises, the number of medicines in the store will be increased. 1 News Track English

Lucknow News : On Wednesday, the Vice Chancellor of the capital’s King George Medical University (KGMU), Lieutenant General (R.) Dr. Bipin Puri, issued strict instructions. The KGMU administration has ordered all the doctors to prescribe only those medicines to the patients, which are available in the hospital premises. Apart from this, steps are also being taken to provide cheap medicines to the patients. Also, the medicines in the store will also be increased.

Some brand medicines are not available

KGMU spokesperson Dr. Sudhir Singh informed that department wise medical stores of HRF (Hospital Revolving Fund) have been opened for the convenience of the patients. In these, medicines are being made available to the patients at affordable rates. Most of the medicines are available in open medical stores on the premises. The HRF store is being further improved. Some brands of medicines are not available. It is worth noting that Jan Aushadhi Kendras are being operated for the convenience of the patients. Also, generic medicines are being provided to the patients.

OPD is more than three thousand daily

Let us tell you that more than 3000 patients visit the OPD of KGMU every day. Those who till now had to buy most of the medicines from outside KGMU. However, after the orders of the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Bipin Puri, now the doctors will prescribe only those medicines, which are available in the campus.

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