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Luck started favoring her after actress Shraddha Sharma changed her name to Shraddha Rani Sharma.

Glamorous, sexy and versatile talented actress Shraddha Sharma enjoys ‘Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehte Hai’ on Sahara One, ‘Saarthi’ and ‘Har Shakha Payullu Baitha Hai’ on Star Plus, ‘Comedy Classes’ on Life OK, ‘Neeli’ on Zee TV Played the lead role in many hit serials like ‘Chhatriwale’, ‘Bigg Boss Season 5’, ‘Emotional Atyachar’ etc. and made his own identity, apart from three Kannada films ‘Jiva’, ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Anveshi’ and a Tamil She has also acted in the film ‘Mayum Kunte’. Now after doing this, now she has changed her name from Shraddha Sharma to Shraddha Rani Sharma. About this, Shraddha says, “I have done this at the behest of an astrologer. My full name was Shraddha Rani Sharma, but I gave a short car. But he said that if you write the full name, you will be lucky, you will get more name and fame. And after that a lot of things in my life became good and I got confidence.


Sahil Kothari

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