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Lokshala – Online Music Classes: An initiative by Hardik Dave

A well known singer/composer Hardik Dave has inculcated his musicality from his renowned and august parents Prafulbhai Dave and Bhartiben Kunchala. He has been a part of many celebrated albums as well as notable initiatives. Following the footprints of his parents, Hardik has blessed Gujarati music industry with numerous magical tracks. His latest hit was “Khamma Veera Ne” released on Rakshabandhan wherein his sister and a famous singer Ishani Dave provided her voice along with him.

He is known for his out of the box approach towards music and respected for the efforts he invests into every project he works on. Driven by his long-term inclination towards spreading the musicality he is blessed with, especially focusing on the folk music, Hardik decided to start online music classes named Lokshala for everyone around the globe who want to learn music. He has opted a unique way of teaching in which he has developed a module, which the youngsters can find relatable and gripping.

Hardik wants to do his bit by connecting the younger generation to folk music thus keeping the folk music alive in an era of western music and a world of fusion music. He wants to share what he is bestowed with. He emphasys to impart everyone interested about folk music, all the experiences of his musical career, his knowledge and whatever he has learnt throughout his journey by conducting sessions based on practical knowledge of music. In ‘Lokshala’ Hardik provides online teaching in different batches alongwith personalized guidance focusing on individual growth.

Such online classes will surely put the newer generations to gaze at what our culture has left for us. Enriched over millennia, Gujarati folk music is apart by its vast cultural diversity. With simple instruments and symphonies created by the earthen voices of people singing in unison, these songs celebrate nature, love, happiness, loss and the human condition. And such ventures by famous folk singers is a bliss for all the music learners who tend to learn folk music and push it further. Anyone interested in learning from ‘Lokshala’ can reach out on whatsapp at 8141153269(Hardik Dave) or 8320139224 (Janki Gadhavi).

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