Liver damaged by alcohol, so what to do?

fatty liver before a person drinks alcohol, Then there is alcoholic hepatitis and finally liver cirrhosis. It happens that as soon as the alcohol enters the stomach, the liver cells start dying. But due to self-regeneration, the liver makes new cells again, Which does not have a bad effect on health, The worst effect is when a person has been suffering for years in a row, Take more than two drinks daily Because in this the speed of cell death increases and the rate of formation of new cells decreases.

Liver means a wonderful organ with self-regeneration properties. Whatever we eat, the liver recycles the good and bad elements present in it and neutralizes the harmful elements, sending the nutrients into the blood stream as per the need of the body. A person can survive on a small but healthy part of the liver because cells from the healthy part regenerate the liver, yet according to the WHO report, two million people die every year from liver damage, including One million from liver cirrhosis, the rest from hepatitis and liver cancer. According to the data, one out of every five in our country is suffering from some kind of liver failure.

How is liver failure confirmed?

Liver failure is detected by LFT i.e. liver function test and ultrasound. If the levels of proteins, enzymes and bilirubin in LFTs are out of range, then liver damage is considered. The reason is contaminated food-water, sedentary lifestyle and main alcohol.

What are the disadvantages of alcohol?

By drinking alcohol, a person first suffers from fatty liver, then alcoholic hepatitis and finally liver cirrhosis. It happens that the liver cells start dying as soon as alcohol enters the stomach, but due to self-regeneration, the liver makes new cells again, which does not have a bad effect on health, the worse effect occurs when the person is continuously For years, try to have more than two drinks a day, as it speeds up cell death and slows down new cell formation.

In medical science, the main region of fatty liver is obesity and diabetes, but in our country this problem is due to excessive drinking, that is, alcoholic fatty liver disease. In this, the accumulation of fat in the liver increases inflammation and the formation of small wounds leads to fibrosis. Fatty liver causes constant tiredness, difficulty in daily activities and pain in the upper abdomen.

The later stage of fatty liver is alcoholic hepatitis. It is not necessary that it is only for those who drink more, those who drink less can also become a victim of it. If alcoholic hepatitis is confirmed, if you do not stop drinking, then the risk of cirrhosis increases, which is life threatening. In this, the accumulation of fluid in the stomach leads to complications like ascites, vein enlargement and low-grade fever. If you still do not give up alcohol, then the next stage is cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis means death sentence, in which there is yellowing of eyes, loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss, fatigue, itching, edema and bleeding. Due to being confused, the person is unable to tell the difference between day and night and is always sleepy. In such a situation, he needs to be given albumin three days a week, otherwise his life may be in danger. When I spoke to Dr. Choudhary, a liver specialist in this regard, he told that this is the case in which the patient does not give up alcohol even after the cirrhosis is confirmed. If you stop drinking alcohol and follow the advice of the doctor, then the liver will revive itself in a few months.

How will the problem be fixed?

Most of the liver diseases are cured by changing the diet and lifestyle, only in serious conditions, medicines or surgery are needed. Coffee, green-tea, ginger-lemon-turmeric drinks and grape juice prevent problems like fatty liver.

If alcohol is left then the liver is fine

If you do not give up alcohol, remember that the treatment of alcoholic cirrhosis is very expensive, in which the cost of albumin protein transfusion costs 6 to eight thousand rupees a day. Liver transplant is the only option in the last stage of cirrhosis, which costs twenty to thirty lakhs. Therefore, as soon as the liver malfunction is detected, follow the advice of the doctor, quit alcohol and smoking.

have a positive attitude

It takes a long time to deal with liver diseases, in such a situation, the cooperation of family and friends is very important, always discuse the patient of alcoholic cirrhosis for alcohol, assure him that he can try and quit alcohol if still he does not leave alcohol So get admitted in rehab, no matter how much he cries. There’s no shame in that. Once the alcohol is released, his life will be saved. Always remember that even after a liver transplant, alcohol is the same as poison.

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