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Lifestyle: If there is a heart, there is life, every breath is related to the heartbeat. The formula of life is only one – if the heart is closed then the game is over. The heart also has an unbreakable relationship with the mind. Both cannot walk without each other. That is why whenever there is talk, it is said of the heart and mind. But knowing everything, we are not able to take care of our heart. We Indians are naturally very weak in the matter of heart. It is also an emotional relationship and also a genetic structure. This is the reason that most of the cases of heart failure in the world come in India. And this trend is increasing year after year.

In the last 25 years, there has been an increase of 50 percent in the cases of heart diseases in India. Today 75 percent of people under the age of 50 are at risk of heart attack. 25 percent of Indians under the age of 40 are at risk of heart attack or some serious heart-related disease. Just imagine, despite the availability of information about healthy life and heart diseases in the world and increasing awareness of healthy living, this is the condition where the hearts of young people from young to old are getting damaged and closed prematurely. This is a very worrying situation. The figures are frightening. You should also be afraid because maybe only then we will think about keeping our heart safe and will get involved in it from today itself.

India in statistics

Heart diseases accounted for 28.1% of all deaths in India in 2016. In 1990, where there were about 25 million heart patients, in 2016 their number increased to 50 million. 16 years ago, the World Health Organization said that India loses a national income of $ 9 billion a year due to premature deaths due to heart diseases. By 2015, the damage had grown to an increasing $ 237 billion. According to the World Heart Foundation, the risk factors for heart disease in India are smoking, alcohol and hypertension. All these three things are related to lifestyle. The truth is that despite everything, the lifestyle is getting worse, especially among the youth. Doctors and experts say that heart disease and its risk are so widespread in India’s population that it can be equated with an epidemic.

heart of hindustan

Lifestyle, diet and genetic structure are among the major reasons for the prevalence of heart disease in Indians. In a research conducted by IET, Madras, it was found that 35 to 40 percent of Indians have some genetic structure, due to which they are at higher risk of heart disease. Another research also found that if one of the parents has heart disease, then the chances of heart disease in children increase by 40 to 60 percent. Apart from genetics, a big reason is the diet of Indians. The diet of people here is rich in carbohydrates. But the amount of protein remains very less. Due to which the problem of blockage of arteries also increases. One aspect of the diet is to follow the diet of western countries. All the food items that have never been a part of the Indian diet are being adopted by the people. The trend of snacks and junk food has overtaken traditional food.

The third biggest thing is lifestyle. Indian people have never been sportsmen. Despite all the awareness, people adopting bicycles are insignificant. After a certain age people stop taking part in sports. It has to be understood that only by keeping the lifestyle healthy, the heart and mind will be healthy. Lifestyle should also include general health checkups like blood pressure, blood glucose and lipids.

effect of corona

Corona virus has also become one of the factors that ruin the hearts of people. Of those who have been infected with corona, a large number of people are found to have heart problems. This has also happened due to virus. Also because of the medicines given in the treatment of corona. Studies have found that the corona virus damages the heart muscle. Apart from this, due to this virus, blood clots are formed in the arteries, which also affects the heart. Apart from this, the effect of giving steroids and other medicines in the treatment of corona has also affected the heart.

reduce the risk of heart disease

– Change the lifestyle. Be sure to exercise. Include jogging, cycling, brisk walking in your routine. Give up on a comfortable lifestyle.

If there is hypertension, keep blood pressure right by taking medicines on time. But do continue with physical activities.

– Remember- don’t take stress. Stress or stress is poison for the heart, stay away from it. How you will live, you have to decide for yourself. Reducing stress by taking medicine is also not a solution, remember this.

– Get plenty of sleep.

– Improve the diet – reduce the fat, oil, ghee, butter food. Take very little salt and sugar. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

– Stay away from both cigarettes and alcohol.

Heart attack and symptoms of stroke

Sudden severe tiredness or feeling of heaviness in the chest.

– Shortness of breath or excessive sweating.

– Pain in the neck, back, waist, jaw or arm.

– Decreased physical ability.

– Paralysis in any part of the body.

– Sudden blurred vision.

– Having hallucinations.

Weak heart in youth

In today’s age of social media, the trend of staying fit in youth is increasing. But the statistics of heart attack among youth are also worrying. According to a survey, 35 percent of the first heart attack cases have been seen in people under 35 years of age. There is no doubt that obesity, unhealthy lifestyle leads to heart diseases, physical fitness is very important to prevent them. But it is very important to understand other aspects as well.

fitness pressure

Many youngsters give excessive pain or burden to their body under the pressure of being fit all the time. In the name of working out, excessive exercise in the gym, at home or anywhere creates pressure on the arteries? Due to which there is a risk of increasing blood pressure. Heart attack can also happen. It would be better to honestly accept your potential, the limitations of your body. Don’t make it a matter of shame or prestige, then work on those shortcomings after that. Start with light exercise and move up slowly. If you feel any discomfort at any stage, then definitely consult a doctor. But in order to stay fit, do not strain your blood vessels and also pay attention to the following aspects.

mental stress

Heart health also depends on how well we are able to keep our mind and brain balanced in our daily life. Never ignore stress. Remember that living a job, business or personal life under stress only harms you. Once the health of the heart deteriorates, it leaves permanent damage. Do not keep anything other than health. It is very important to discuss mental problems intelligently. Often mental problems are associated with prestige or image. But it is not advisable at all, whenever facing stress, immediately consult a psychiatrist without any hesitation.

genetic cause

Heart disease also has genetic causes. Often this is also done in the link of negligence towards health. Many people decide to stay fit. But they do not understand that a part of the root cause of diseases is very possible in family history. Therefore, in the context of other genetically transmitted diseases including heart disease, keep an eye on your family history, ensure your better health accordingly.

effect of age on heart

With age, the machinery of the body also weakens and this is a natural process. People over the age of 65 are always more likely to have a heart attack, heart failure or heart disease. This is because the heart loses its capacity with age. Compared to a young heart, an older heart does not beat at a steady pace during more stress and more physical activity. Apart from this, the flexibility of the arteries also decreases with age. With age, the heart should also be taken care of. The same things apply here as should be done from a young age. That is, a good lifestyle in which there is plenty of exercise, no stress, no oil-ghee food, good sleep, distance from cigarette and alcohol. As far as exercise is concerned in the elderly, then brisk walking, dancing, cycling, gardening etc. should be done for it. It must be tried not to spend time lying down or sitting for hours.


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