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Let’s Talk With – SheTroubleMaker

Meghna Kaur is a famous Youtuber. Let’s talk with her about her Journey towards success.


1. Why you started making YouTube videos ? And from when ?

– I love talking to people, so I thought why not through Youtube since it’s the best platform to connect with people. Also I started 2 years back.

2. Any special reason behind your username ‘SheTroubleMaker’ ?

Haha ! funny question but I get this a lot! There’s no story behind this username. You know when you’re a kid and you think you’re too cool and you come up with super cool usernames, yeah that.

3. Besides a TroubleMaker, I think you make people happy ! Right ?

I don’t think I’m really a trouble maker, it’s just a name but I really want everyone around me to be happy. I just want to spread happiness.

4. Have you got any offer to work in movies or short film ? And if you get one chance do you want to do it ?

Tbh ( To Be Honest ) I get a lot of calls but I don’t really think I’m keen on doing movies as of now but sure if something great comes my way in future I’d love to.

5. What’s your future plans ?

Do I really look like a girl with a plan?

6. Your Hobbies ?

I like to stay at home and do nothing.
Jk ( Just Kidding ) I like reading, I love playing badminton, I love singing and dancing though I’m not really good at it, I love watching series, and last but not the least I love traveling.

7. What you do to stay healthy and fit ?

– My metabolism is great, I don’t gain weight so I don’t really have to do much.
But I drink a lot of waterrrr !

8. Your Beauty Secrets ? ( Only For Girls ! )

– Hang on, calling my mother.

9. To Whom would you like to give credit for your success ?

Myself, duh! I’m whatever I am because I work really hard but it’s also my fathers support. He’s always encouraging me to do the right thing.

10. How much struggle did you face Along with your Journey ?

Life’s a climb. But the view is great. ( Inspirational )

11. I seen a video in which you helped a girl to meet their parents on Valentine’s day. That’s such a beautiful task. Tell me something about that experience.

That is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, the most beautiful family I’ve come across. There was so much love. More than anything I was happy to see them happy and I’m glad that I could make it happen.

12. Also you had celebrated Holi with a girl who has lost loved ones in March. How it feels to make a smile on someone’s face ?

So this girl is such a cutie and she didn’t want to talk about it so we (my team) made sure we didn’t remind her of that phase in her life instead we just took her out and we had so much fun. So glad, we could make her smile.

13. Lot’s of ” Meghnaholics” there, and increasing day by day. Do you want to give them any message ?

You guys are my life. I don’t know what would I do without your support. I don’t really say it often and I’m sorry about that but I love you more than anything.

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Instagram – @shetroublemaker

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