Leaving his family behind, this person went on a world tour with a dog, so far he has visited eight countries, the goal is to reach America

The family consists of wife and two children, during their journey, Rodriguez faced many problems

Who doesn’t like to travel! People plan vacations with their family or friends, but two months ago, Gilberto Rodriguez from Venezuela went on a trip to America with his dog to make his dream of a better life come true. Although Rodriguez also has his wife and two children in his family, he did not take them with him. During his travels, Rodriguez often went hungry, faced violence, and often had to bribe the police. Rodriguez said that like him, Negroes had to face all kinds of troubles, Rodriguez ate the same and lived as a tourist like him. Rodriguez and Negro have crossed eight countries in their journey so far, from Caracas to Colombia and from the dangerous Darien jungle to Panama.

Let us tell you that during their visit, Rodriguez and Negro encounter a criminal gang that targets tourists fleeing poverty and political turmoil in their country. Rodriguez said, ‘We were with some women, they (criminal gang) raped them, as far as we are concerned, they stole my phone.’ The pair made their way through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras to Guatemala, where they joined a crowd of hundreds of other undocumented migrants.

Rodriguez said there were currently no crowds along the Guatemala River, as it used to be a few months ago. To stop the migration convoy here, the police checked the documents of the passengers by stopping the buses. Guatemala has deported more than 500 tourists from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba since January this year. Rodriguez said tourists have started moving around in small groups to avoid police. so that they can reach Mexico. The final barrier for them is the Rio Grande, which separates Mexico from the United States.

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