Leaving a good job in IT sector, the young man started selling donkey’s milk, now earning good money (watch video)

Nothing bad happens. It is only necessary to have the passion to work and have confidence in yourself. A young man from Karnataka has also made a similar business adventure. Leaving a substantial job in the IT sector, a young man named Srinivasa Gowda from Mangalore started a farm with an investment of Rs 42 lakh to do business of milking donkeys.

According to media reports, Srinivas bought 20 donkeys and started his own dairy industry. They sell milk in packet form and a 30 ml milk is priced at Rs 150. They sell this milk in milk shops, malls and super markets. They have also got orders worth lakhs of rupees.

Now you must be wondering why Srinivas must have started the business of donkey milk. In fact, the selling price of donkey milk is much higher than that of cow or buffalo milk. While cow’s milk is sold at retail at Rs 50 to 80 per liter, the market price of donkey’s milk is said to be Rs 7000 per litre.

One of the reasons why donkey’s milk is so expensive is that it has many health benefits. Not only this, the donkey gives very little milk anyway. Thus, the supply is less than the demand.

Let us tell you that in ancient times, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt also used to wash her face daily with donkey’s milk. She used to be very beautiful. Experts believe that donkey’s milk has the property of benefiting in many types of diseases including blood sugar, blood circulation and inflammation. It is also used in many beauty products as cosmetics. Let us tell you that like donkey, there is a huge demand for milk of special types of camels found in Kutch of Gujarat. In such a situation, would you also like to use the milk of donkeys and camels apart from cows and buffaloes? Do tell by commenting.

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