Lalu’s Lal Tej Pratap got angry when UP Police did not allow parikrama by car.

Mathura | Tej Pratap UP Police : Tej Pratap, the eldest son of former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Yadav, is often in discussion for one reason or the other. Tej Pratap is once again in the news. According to the information, Tej Pratap Yadav was not allowed by the officials to circumambulate the Giriraj Maharaj temple on Wednesday. The reason behind this was that Lalu wanted to do this parikrama sitting in his car. He, a former cabinet minister of Bihar, had reached Govardhan on Tuesday, wishing for his father’s good health. He wanted to circumambulate the Saptakosi by his car, but he had to return due to lack of permission.

Permission not given due to huge crowd

Tej Pratap UP Police : Tej Pratap was denied the request of Yadav to enter the premises in his car and do parikrama, citing huge crowd due to Mudiya Purnima. According to police sources, when Tej Pratap reached Mathura and Vrindavan, the crowd had increased a lot. Therefore Tej Pratap was not allowed to circumambulate the car. Tej Pratap said that his car was stopped at a barrier and the police personnel posted there informed Yadav that the entry of vehicles was strictly prohibited.

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Annoyed posted on social media

Tej Pratap UP Police : Tej Pratap got very angry about this action of UP Police. After this, he uploaded a video on social media saying that he was being stopped by the Uttar Pradesh Police. Later, he reached a nearby police station to get formal permission to enter with the vehicle, but his request was turned down by the SHO. Govardhan Deputy Superintendent of Police Gaurav Tripathi told that in view of the huge crowd on Mudiya Purnima, what if there is a complete ban on entering the vehicle in the city itself. So how can they be allowed?

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