Lakshay Jain, Founder of Mevrex shares the future of digital marketing techniques in India

Its 2021 things are changing in Digital Marketing and get ready for new Digital marketing trends in 2022 says Youngest Tech Entrepreneur and renowned digital marketer Lakshay Jain.

We live in a time when Digital marketing moves quickly, and consumer interests and behaviours are hard to foretell. Digital Marketers can no longer stick to one method. Digital marketing is about change.


  1. AI in India 2021:

Top Digital marketing agency of India Mevrex predicted that by 2022, AI technologies would be at their peak, and everywhere we see AI being used in small to big firms in India.

According to Youngest Tech Entrepreneur and founder of top Digital marketing agency Lakshay Jain says Artificial Intelligence is the biggest thing in 2021, and next decade, we will see much more. It will help India increase its GDP by 2030.


  1. Chatbots in India:

We are right now in 2021, and we already see the rise of chatbots in India, and their importance in digital marketing is growing. Lakshay Jain says AI needs instant messaging to chat in real-time 24*7. Chatbots already cover a large number of customer service in metros.

These virtual assistants offer exceptional customer service by meeting customers’ expectations and automating repeated tasks – which means that you can concentrate on more valuable work.


  1. Rise of Conversational Marketing in India:

After Chatbots comes Conversational marketing; according to young tech entrepreneur Lakshay Jain, with all that discussion about chatbots, advanced marketing’s reality becomes manifest: it’s more conversational. People want it that way, and so brands are responding. When consumers have a question, 85% want an “instant” response. Conversational marketing promotes a one-to-one, real-time relationship between marketers and clients:


The founder of Mevrex, the youngest web/app developer, digital marketer and entrepreneur, says we will see much more from 2022. We will see even advanced digital marketing, which will change the way we do business in India. It’s high time to invest in digital marketing to take your business to new highs in 2021.


Know more about Lakshay Jain through his website, https://www.lakshayjain.co/ or Instagram @lakshayjain.1

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