Kuwait government’s big action against those protesting in Nupur Sharma case, canceling visa and ordered to leave the country!

Protests are legally banned in Arab countries, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims among migrants protesting in Kuwait

The controversy which started after the statement given by former Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Nupur Sharma during a debate in a news agency is not taking its name to stop. There are fierce protests against Nupur not only in the country but also abroad. Violence and stone pelting were also seen in different parts of India. In Kuwait too, there has been a lot of uproar over Nupur’s statement. In the midst of all this, a decision has been taken to take strict action against all non-resident Asians, including Indians, who demonstrated in the Faheel area of ​​Kuwait on June 10. All those who created ruckus and protest have been arrested and now all will be deported to their country.

According to the report of India Today, when all these people were protesting by gathering in the Faheel area, then a large number of police forces came there and took them all in their possession and took them away in trucks. Now all of them are accused of violating the local law there and now their visas have been canceled and sent to the deportation centre. At present, the police is investigating to get information about who is responsible for the demonstration and on whose behest all this happened.

Let us tell you that the names of all Asians, including Indians sent to the deportation center, will now be included in the list of banned people in Kuwait. In such a situation, now they will never be able to go to Kuwait again. Organizing a sit-in in Arab countries is considered a violation of rules and laws and those involved are deported to their country. Also, in an official statement in this matter, the Kuwait government said, it is necessary for all the people living here to stay away from any kind of protest, following the laws of the country. Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims were among the expatriates who demonstrated in Kuwait.

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