Know why there is a demand to make a uniform travel policy after the Omicron variant came to the fore


Confusion on Travel Guidelines: After the introduction of the new Omicron variant of Corona, the Government of India has withdrawn the decision to start normal international flights from December 15 as before the Corona period. There is uneasiness about the new virus in many states where most international flights come. States like Maharashtra and Karnataka have made different rules for air travelers, after which there is a lot of confusion and confusion among air travelers.

The Government of India has made Kovid negative test mandatory for air travelers coming from “at risk” countries. Along with this, the program of travel for 14 days has also been asked to be uploaded on the Air Suvidha Portal. Apart from this, after landing in India, he will have to undergo a second RT-PCR test.

separate travel guidelines for maharashtra and karnataka

Despite these guidelines of the central government, the state governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka have made separate rules for those coming to their states. For example, travelers coming to Maharashtra from “at risk” countries will have to stay in institutional quarantine for a week. At the same time, the Karnataka government has made it necessary for travelers coming from “at risk” countries to stay in home quarantine for 7 days despite being found negative in the corona test.

At risk countries include the UK, South Africa, Teen, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel.

However, the central government has written a letter asking the states not to make separate guidelines. On the other hand, the Maharashtra government has made RT-PCR test mandatory for domestic air travelers even if someone has taken the vaccine. This has increased the problems of the travel industry, which has been battling with the crisis for the last two years.

FICCI demands uniform policy

Business chamber FICCI has asked the government to formulate a uniform policy for all entry points after the Omicron variant came to the fore. FICCI President Uday Shankar has said that the Omicron variant tells us that the threat of corona is not over yet. Along with bringing the vaccine, it is necessary to follow the COVID appropriate behavior protocol of Corona. However, any knee jerk reactions will cause panic among the people and will disrupt the life and livelihood of the people without any benefit. We request the central government to implement the uniform policy in the whole country.

All-round criticism of different guidelines

In fact, the decision of the states to make different guidelines is also being criticized all round. Biocon chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw had tweeted saying that even after the test report came negative, home quarantine for 7 days is tantamount to hijacking. People can be saved by applying vaccines, not by banning travel.

In another tweet, he wrote that on the first day of Omicron travel rules, wait 6 hours for the Kovid test. Even if you do not have an infection, it will definitely happen at the airport.

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