Know why Harbhajan Singh Cheema called a BJP worker

Reporter: Yogesh Shelly
Udhamsingh Nagar: Call it outrage of defeat or political bet, only after voting BJP MLAs started heating up the political mercury instead of eradicating their electoral fatigue by calling the party workers traitors, MLA from Kashipur seat Harbhajan Singh Cheema said Calling some soldiers traitors has heated up the political atmosphere, while the opposition parties are seen taking a jibe at Cheema’s defeat.
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After the voting for the Uttarakhand assembly elections, the electoral enthusiasm is not taking the name of decreasing, the statement given by BJP MLA from Kashipur, Harbhajan Singh Cheema, where the BJP did not answer below the circle, the same opponents got the issue sitting at home, said to be It is possible that there has been an earthquake in the politics of Uttarakhand due to the statement of the MLA; After this, the party’s soldiers had high hopes that this time the party would play bets on a new face, but by giving ticket to the son of MLA Harbhajan Singh Cheema, the controversy started smoldering in the Bharatiya Janata Party, the brunt of which was seen in the assembly elections, where Harbhajan Singh Singh Cheema’s son Trilok Singh Cheema was not seen contesting the election, BJP workers were not seen…..Some leader threw himself out by calling himself ill, then someone went to another assembly and contested the election and left the MLA’s son alone to contest. voting After this, angry MLA Harbhajan Singh Cheema held a press conference and demanded that the party high command take action against the traitors within the party, now it has become a problem for the BJP in the political corridor.

After the press conference of MLA Harbhajan Singh Cheema, Cheema’s fury and the factionalism of the party fed the faces of the candidates fighting in the opposition assembly elections. In this race of electoral victory, all the candidates are considering the veteran racer less this time and now all the candidates are doing maths for their victory and whose maths is so accurate, only the coming March 10 will tell.

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