Know which airlines were fined one million, accused of not following security policies

Directorate General of Civil Aviation fined Vistara Airlines Company

Airlines company Vistara has been fined Rs 10 lakh for breaking the rules of safety. The Airline Aviation Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that without the necessary training, Vistara Airlines used to give the clearance for take-off and landing to the officer. The Vistara aircraft has been fined by airline regulator DGCA for landing the officer and captain without training in simulators. Officers are trained to land the aircraft in simulators before onboarding the aircraft with the passenger. Similarly, the captain is trained in simulators just like the officer before landing.

Let us tell you that the officials said that the pilot, who was the first officer of the flight, landed the plane at Indore airport without the necessary training of the simulator. “It was a serious mistake and might have put the passengers at risk. As such there was a fear of possibility of an accident at the time of onboarding, which is totally playing with the life of the passenger,” the official said.

The DGCA has found Vistara Airlines guilty in this case and has decided to impose a fine of Rs 10 lakh. It was not immediately clear where and when the plane took off. A Vistara spokesperson clarified the incident and said that the supervised take-off and landing of the aircraft took place in Indore in August 2021 under the supervision of an experience captain. And the pilots were fully trained and given valid STOL from the previous employer.

Apart from the captain, the first officer of the indoor flight of the area also did not undergo simulator training, the officials said. Despite not having proper knowledge and training, the airlines made the mistake of allowing the first officer to land the plane at the airport.

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