Know these interesting things about the balls in the US Open!

300 players will use 70 thousand balls in the US Open, the last tennis grand slam of the year

The last US Open Tennis Grand Slam of the year begins on August 29. There will be competition for both men and women. There will be equal prizes in both categories, but the balls used in both will not be of the same weight. Men and women have to play with different balls. From time to time, women players have also expressed their opposition to this. 300 players will compete throughout the tournament and they will use a total of 70,000 balls.

Discrimination only in this tournament

Let us tell you that there are four Grand Slams of the year, in which there is no difference in the weight of the ball in the Australian, French Open and Wimbledon but there is a difference in the weight of the ball in the US Open. According to the US Tennis Association, there is no difference in the size or shape of the ball, only the difference in weight. Heavier balls are used to control the men’s game on hard courts and lighter balls are used to bring speed to the women’s game.

Women players also demanded the same ball

However, now even top women players are demanding balls that are as heavy as the men on hard courts. Being light in weight, the ball tends to swing and move rapidly in the air which is difficult to control. Amy Binder, senior vice president of the Women’s Tennis Association, said the organization will investigate the matter in light of players expressing their concerns. The women’s ball flies fast in the air, which is not easy to control. Australia legend Atal Bati’s coach, No. 1 players Inga Swietek and Paula Badosa also criticized the policy of the organisers.

Both men and women will get equal prize money

There is no difference between the format of the tournament and the prize money. The total prize money has been announced as 4.80 billion rupees ($six million). The men’s and women’s singles champions will get $2.6 million (Rs 20 crore). The coach of Ashleigh Barty, who won the Australian Open title this year, said Craig Taser. Badosa, ranked fourth in the world, urged WTA CEO and President Steve Simon to give women players the balls to be used in men’s matches. Barty’s coach, Craig Tiger, said that Barty would never be able to complete a career Grand Slam in his career due to ball discrimination. After completing the Taker Grand Slam in March, Barty hinted that he might never win the US Open because of a ball difference. After this Barty retired from tennis.

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