Know about the interesting journey in the plane of ‘Mr Ballot Box’, the ballot boxes fixed for the Presidential election!

The term of the current President is going to be completed, elections will be held on July 15

The term of the current President Ram Nath Kovind is going to end this month. Before that the election process for the next President has started. Both the parties have announced their candidates. In such a situation, now that the counting days are left for the election, then all the preparations related to this election are being given final shape. Ballot boxes for the presidential election are traveling by plane like any passengers. For this, a separate seat in the aircraft has been allotted for each ballot box. The ballot box is going to the state capital where polling is to be held on July 15.

Tickets for the ballot boxes are booked under the name Mr Ballet Box. These ballot boxes are placed on the seat next to the Returning Officer. Officials said that ballot boxes for Himachal Pradesh are being sent by road. An officer from the office of the State’s Assistant Returning Officer and the State Chief Electoral Officer comes to the Election Commission’s headquarters to collect the election material. They return to their kingdom the same day.

When the ballot boxes and ballot papers reach the state capital, they are sealed in the strong room and the entire process is videographed. Sealed ballot boxes and other election materials are returned at the end of the presidential election. Ballot boxes and other documents are carried personally to the cabin of the aircraft. These ballot boxes are monitored by the Returning Officer at all times. Voting takes place in the Parliament House and State Legislatures. Elected MLAs and MPs vote in this election.

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