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Bharat Biotech has developed a nasal Covid vaccine. Its second and third phase trials have been approved by the government. This vaccine will be dosed through the nose, which can prove to be effective in defeating corona. This information was given by the Department of Biotechnology. The Department of Biotechnology has said that the trial of the first phase of the vaccine on people between the ages of 18 and 60 has been completed.

dose of vaccine administered to people

The vaccine is BBV154, the technology of which was acquired by Bharat Biotech from the University of Washington, St. Louis. DBT said, “The company has informed that the vaccine doses administered to healthy participants in the first phase of clinical trial have been well accepted by the body. No serious adverse effects are known.

Nasal vaccine is the first nasal vaccine

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in its statement said, “Bharat Biotech’s Intra Nasal Vaccine is the first nasal vaccine to receive regulatory approval for Phase II trials”. Approved for the third phase trial, but again by issuing a revised statement, the permission for the second phase trial was confirmed.

Benefits of Nasal Vaccine

  • released from injection
  • Developing immunity in the inner parts of the nose will reduce the risk of respiratory infections
  • Health workers do not need training due to getting rid of injections
  • It will be easier to vaccinate children
  • Due to the ease of production, it is possible to produce and supply according to the demand around the world.

This vaccine was given to 175 people

According to Dr. Krishna Illa, MD, Bharat Biotech, the nasal vaccine will have to be given only once. According to the Clinical Trial Registry, this vaccine has been given to 175 people in 4 cities. The results of its phase one trial are to come in a few days. The good thing is that this vaccine will be given through the nose and it will kill the virus on its way. According to doctors, it will be very easy to give this vaccine to young children.

Vaccination cost will be less

Regarding the nasal vaccine, Krishna Ila, MD, Bharat Biotech, had earlier said that the company is focusing on developing the nasal vaccine. He had said that the vaccine given through the nose is not only easy to apply, but it will also not require needles, syringes etc. This will reduce the cost of vaccination.


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