Kim Jong’s Audacity! Ballistic missile fired over Japan, created a stir

New Delhi | Kim Jong Ballistic Missile: Despite warnings from countries like America, China, Japan, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong, who shook the world one after the other by conducting several nuclear tests, has once again stirred up. North Korea has fired a missile over Japan in its series of weapons tests. According to the information, North Korea has fired a missile over Japan in the Pacific Ocean. Let us tell you that in 2017, North Korea fired missiles over Japan.

asked people to move to a safe place
This audacity of Kim Jong has stirred Japan. Regarding the North Korean missile, the Japanese Coast Guard and the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea discovered this act of Kim Jong. People in northern Japan have been asked to move to a safer place. Train services in the north-eastern Hokkaido and Aomori regions have been temporarily suspended.

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Fifth nuclear test in 10 days
So far, the dictator Kim Jong, who has not listened and obeyed anyone, has again put the world in danger by starting the trials of the miscellaneous. According to media reports, North Korea has conducted this fifth ballistic missile test in 10 days.

National Security Council meeting convened by both countries
Kim Jong Ballistic Missile: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has strongly condemned North Korea’s missile test for this behavior of Kim Jong. Japanese PM Fumio Kishida called North Korea’s move ‘barbaric’. Japan and South Korea have called their respective National Security Council meetings after the missile test.

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