Kejriwal’s way of national politics

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal has his own way of national politics. Sitting in Delhi, doing national politics through statements or writing letters etc. Since people from every state of the country live in Delhi, they also feel that they are doing politics across the country in Delhi. For example, on the occasion of Onam on Thursday, he printed a one-page advertisement and congratulated him. Onam is a festival of South India and especially Kerala, but in Delhi, Kejriwal did a one-page advertisement and also congratulated by tweeting in Malayalam language. In this way he did the politics of Kerala. With such advertisements, they continue to do politics of other states. Although the weapon of advertising is with every state government, but the Delhi government has made it a Brahmastra.

Similarly, he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, in which he said that 80 percent of the schools in the country have become junkyards, their condition is dilapidated. Now the question is, what should the Prime Minister do in this? Education is the subject of the state government, so Arvind Kejriwal should have written a letter to the chief ministers of the states on that basis if he has any survey of the schools that have become junk, they have their data. They would write letters to the Chief Ministers and Education Ministers of the states, telling them how many schools have become junkyards in which state. But it does not lead to national politics, so he wrote a letter directly to the Prime Minister. They directly target the Prime Minister on the matter so that his party can say that Kejriwal’s fight is with Modi.

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