Kejriwal’s full support to Agneepath scheme

Only Arvind Kejriwal can do this feat. On the one hand, he had completely opposed the Agneepath plan brought for four years’ recruitment in the army. He had demanded full-time jobs instead of making the youth Agniveers. So on the other hand now saying that they are fully supporting the plan. He is the only leader of the opposition who is openly supporting this plan. The rest of the opposition leaders are still opposing it or at least not supporting it. The state governments are giving the help that is being sought by the army in organizing rallies for the reinstatement of Agniveer, but the opposition parties are not supporting it.

In Punjab also the state government was to provide similar help to the army. If the army did not get help in Punjab, then a letter was written on behalf of the army to the Chief Minister that if it does not help in organizing the rallies for restoration, then the army will organize rallies in other states instead of Punjab. Responding to this letter, Kejriwal said that he is not in favor of this scheme but when the government has taken a decision, he fully supports it. Think, what happened? If you are not in favor of any law, then how can you support the decision of the government? Then why was it not supported in the case of agricultural laws?

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