Keep these five things in mind while buying gold on the occasion of Dhanteras

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  • While buying gold jewelry or coins, first of all, its purity should be ascertained.
  • Gold jewelery made from 22 or 18 karat gold
  • If you are buying gold coins then it can be of 24 carat

Dhanteras But buying gold is considered auspicious. In such a situation, the desire of most people is to buy some gold on this occasion. Jewelers also give attractive discounts on this occasion to attract the customers. If you want to invest your hard earned money in buying gold on this occasion, then take care of the purity, hallmark, price, carat etc. of the gold. By doing this you will be able to buy the right gold and avoid fraud. Let us know what are the five things to keep in mind while buying gold on Dhanteras.

1. Take care of accuracy

While buying gold jewelry or coins, first of all, its purity should be ascertained. 24 karat gold is the purest, but it cannot be used to make jewelry. Gold jewelery is made from 22 or 18 carat gold. That is, 2 carat any other metal is mixed with 22 carat gold. Many a times, jewelers charge 24 carats from customers while buying gold ornaments. You can pay the right price by finding out how many carats of jewelry you’re buying. Most of the jewelers have purity machines in their stores to check purity. You can test it before buying. If you are buying gold coins then it can be of 24 carat.

2. Buy only hallmarked jewelry

Always try to have a hallmark on the gold jewelery purchase. A hallmarked jewel means that its purity is certified. BIS hallmark is a system to certify the purity of silver along with gold. The BIS mark certifies that the jewelry meets the Bureau of Indian Standards standards. If a jeweler is giving you jewelery without a hallmark, then you can agree to take it. If you have doubts about the hallmark, you can check it by visiting the hallmarking center. There are around 750 hallmarking centers across the country.

3. Don’t forget to take the correctness certificate

While buying gold jewelry, do not forget to take its purity certificate from the shopkeeper. After this you will not have to face any problem. When you take the purity certificate from the shopkeeper, then you must check how many carats are made in it, how much is the weight etc. With this, if any complaint comes later, the shopkeeper will easily listen to you.

4. Also check the purity of the gem stone

If you are buying gold jewelry with diamond, ruby ​​or any other gem stone, then definitely check their purity. When you pay the full amount for these stones also, the quality of the gem stone should also be taken care of along with the gold.

5. Negotiate the Making Charge

Gold jewelry involves labor cost. The making charge on gold jewelery ranges between 10 to 15 per cent. The most important reason for this is that the texture and cutting and finishing of each jewelry are different. Accordingly, jewelers charge making charges. If you are buying gold, then negotiate with the shopkeeper about the making charges. Many jewelers reduce the making charges when the customers negotiate. In this way you can save a lot.

How to Recognize Hallmark

  1. BIS logo
  2. Number indicating the purity of gold.
  3. hallmarking agency logo
  4. jeweler’s logo
  5. Year of hallmarking.

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