Karnataka: Sudden death of 15 year old girl giving exam

Mysore | Girl Death in Examination Hall: No one knows when and where whose death will come in the world. A similar incident of death came to light in Mysore district of Karnataka where a girl student appearing for her examination in the examination hall suddenly died. There was a stir in the examination center due to this incident with the girl student.

age only 15 years
This incident happened on Monday with a 15-year-old student Anushree. The girl, originally from Akkur village, had come to take the examination at the Vidyodaya High School examination center in T Narasipura city. Let us tell you that the class 10th or SSLC board examinations in Karnataka began on Monday with the first language.

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Pran passed away in 6-7 minutes
Girl Death in Examination Hall: According to a news in Times of India, Anushree, a student who came for the examination, was sitting for the examination and it was only 6-7 minutes after the paper started that she fell down from her seat. In such a situation, the people present there picked him up and was immediately taken to the hospital, but the doctors declared him dead. It has come to the fore in the information that the student had suffered a cardiac arrest. When the girl’s family was informed about this, there was chaos in the family.

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Cardiac arrest is more dangerous than heart attack
People think of cardiac arrest as a heart attack, but these two are different. According to doctors, cardiac arrest is a very fatal attack. It is more dangerous than a heart attack. In a heart attack, a person still survives, but cardiac arrest is such a blow that does not even give a chance to a person to survive. In this, due to electrical imbalance, the heart stops beating, due to which the person is unable to breathe and starts gasping. In such a situation, it is very important to get treatment on time.

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