Kapil Sibal’s demand for change of leadership, said- Gandhi family should leave the post, the burden of Congress should be handed over to another leader

New Delhi | Kapil Sibal Demand Change Congress Leadership: The Congress, which once ruled all the states in the country, is telling the story of its downfall today. Despite efficient leadership like Sonia Gandhi, Congress leaders are losing their battle for supremacy. Whereas, other smaller parties have now started removing him from the regime. Even the big leaders of Congress like Rahul Gandhi-Priyanka Gandhi are not able to stop the defeat of their party. After which other leaders, who played an important role in building up the party, are now turning against the Gandhi family. After the recent defeat in five states, now the demand for change of leadership is also visible in the party. In such a situation, veteran Congress leader Kapil Sibal is also seen demanding a change in the party leadership.

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The burden of Congress should be handed over to another leader
Kapil Sibal Demand Change Congress Leadership: Significantly, the exodus of old and veteran leaders from Congress continues continuously. In such a situation, the pain of many leaders has erupted to save the party. Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal has also joined the demand for this change. Kapil Sibal is the first among the leaders of Group 23 in the Congress who has openly requested Sonia Gandhi to step down. He has said that now the Gandhi family should leave the burden of Congress leadership and hand over the responsibility to some other leader.

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Party leadership is unable to face reality
Kapil Sibal expressed grief over the fall of the party and said that the party leadership thinks that everything is still fine, but they are not able to face the reality. Despite the continuous downfall of the party for 8 years, he is not alert, so it is a matter of misfortune for the Congress. Let us tell you that in 2020, a team of Group 23 leaders was prepared with the demand for reforms in the Congress.

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I can’t see the fall of Congress
Kapil Sibal did not remain silent here, he expressed his displeasure and said that the way the Congress is declining, it is not being seen from me. He said that I will continue to fight for Sabki Congress till my last breath. Sabki Congress means not only to be together, but to bring together all those people in India who are standing against BJP.

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