Kanpur: The sudden stop of Tejas Express talking to the air caused a stir

Kanpur | Kanpur News: The strength of the bull roaming on the streets can be gauged from this incident that it stopped even the Tejas Express train. Actually, Tejas Express train going from left bank railway station of Kanpur district to Lucknow via Delhi to Kanpur was running while talking to the air that its speed came to a standstill. Seeing all this suddenly people were also surprised and were forced to think.

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When the train stopped, there was a stir
Kanpur News: It happened that suddenly a bull came in front of the signal on the railway track. In such a situation, the driver of Tejas suddenly had to stop the train by applying emergency brake. As soon as the train stopped, there was a stir among the security personnel present at the station and among the passengers.

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The driver showed understanding
The driver of the track showed understanding and the driver informed the station master and got the matter noted. But the bull running with its fun, somehow left the track and gave way to the train. Then the train again picked up speed. After the train started again, the passengers aboard also heaved a sigh of relief. If the driver had not applied the emergency brake of the train, anything could have happened. Therefore, on such occasions, a little caution is given to how many people do not know.

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