Kanhaiyalal Murder Case: NIA reached Ajmer to investigate the matter, CCTV footage of Ajmer Dargah was scanned…

Ajmer | Kanhaiyalal Murder Case : Investigating the Udaipur Kanhaiyalal murder case in Rajasthan, the investigating agency NIA reached Ajmer today. It has been told that in Ajmer, the NIA is looking for a youth named Gauhar Chishti in connection with the contact of the killers and hence the NIA team reached Ajmer Dargah police station and searched the CCTV footage there. The NIA has seized CCTV footage of the last two to three months from the control room of the Dargah police station. The investigating agency is hopeful that some hole related to accused Gauhar Chishti will also be found in the video of the dargah.

provocative slogans were raised during the demonstration

Kanhaiyalal Murder Case : Let us inform that Gauhar Chishti is accused of raising provocative slogans outside the Nizam Gate of the Dargah in Ajmer on June 17. This is when a peace march was taken out in the Nupur Sharma case. At that time, after the Friday prayers, a march was taken out by the Muslim community, where some youths were giving provocative speeches standing outside the Nizam Gate. However, later the local people stopped his speech and slogans.

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Internet was closed for 6 days

Kanhaiyalal Murder Case : Let us tell you that there was a lot of anger across the country regarding the Kanhaiyalal murder case. From social media to the streets, people were seen opposing this murder. Here, the state government had stopped internet service in the entire state for 6 days as a precaution. After this murder, there was a lot of politics too. However, Rajasthan Police took quick action in this case and arrested the accused. After which the wires of the accused in this case were found to be connected with Pakistan and the investigation of the case was handed over to the NIA.

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