Kanhaiya Kumar got furious when questioned on Left-Congress, asked for apology

Kanhaiya insists on demanding an apology from the journalist and says that you will have to apologise. I apologize when I am wrong.

A video of Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar is going viral on social media, in which he is seen having a heated argument with a journalist. In the video, Kanhaiya is seen surrounded by journalists. During this, he is asked a question about Left and Congress, on which he gets angry and starts calling the journalist an agent of BJP. Kanhaiya Kumar interrupts the journalist and says that how did you say that Congress is right? To this, the journalists reply and say that when it comes to ideology, people say that those who belong to the Left have a different thinking… are of atheists’ thinking… have less thinking about the country.

On this Kanhaiya says that thinking towards the country is less? Journalists further ask, you are also accused…. On this, Kanhaiya says that anything can be blamed. If I call you a donkey, I will consider you a donkey…everybody call him a donkey… now you will become a donkey? Kanhaiya reacts sharply and says that how did you say that the people of Left are not of the country?

On this, the journalists present their explanation and say that I did not talk about the country. I said people say so. On this Kanhaiya says that you will blame Bhagat Singh? Which book has Bhagat Singh written? Do you know the name of Bhagat Singh’s book? On this the journalist says that I am not questioning Bhagat Singh, I am questioning you… In the case of JNU also you were accused.

Kanhaiya Kumar says that you are still stuck in JNU. I left JNU in 2018. You tell me first that you said lift people are atheists then what would be the name of Bhagat Singh’s book? On this the journalists say that I did not say so. I said if people say so then…. Kanhaiya says who are the people after all?

Congress leaders tell the journalist, have you brought BJP money? Are you an agent of BJP? Let us tell you one thing that we have not become leaders by wearing kurta pyjama. We come from very simple family of the society. Everyone knows very well what your life is, so don’t ask questions that fly in the air. As the matter progresses, the other journalists present there ask Kanhaiya to move forward but Kanhaiya remains adamant.

On this the journalist says that I withdraw my question, then Kanhaiya says that you should apologize. You have to apologize. I apologize when I am wrong. On this the journalist says that okay, I apologize.


Shivam Bangwal

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