Kamada Ekadashi giving desired fruits

Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi is called Kamada Ekadashi. It is also called Phalda Ekadashi because of its very fruitful nature. In the Puranas, it has been called the best fast of Shri Vishnu. By virtue of Kamada Ekadashi fasting, the soul gets freedom from sin. This Ekadashi is called Kamada, being the remover of sufferings and giving desired results, being fruitful and fulfilling desires.

The upcoming Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi is accordingly Kamada Ekadashi on 12th April 2022 day Tuesday. Due to the special significance of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, it is considered more special in Vaishnav culture than other Ekadashis. The reason is that it is the first Ekadashi of Samvatsara in the Indian period calculation system. Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi is called Kamada Ekadashi. It is also called Phalda Ekadashi because of its very fruitful nature. In the Puranas, it has been called the best fast of Shri Vishnu. By virtue of Kamada Ekadashi fasting, the soul gets freedom from sin. This Ekadashi is called Kamada, being the remover of sufferings and giving desired results, being fruitful and fulfilling desires. The story and importance of this Ekadashi was told by Shri Krishna to Yudhishthira, son of Pandu. Earlier this importance was told to King Dileep by Vashistha Muni. According to the belief, the fasting of Kamada Ekadashi can also get freedom from the phantom vagina. Kamada Ekadashi of Chaitra Shukla Paksha, which is done for the purpose of pacifying all the sins, destroys the sins of Brahmahatya etc. By reading and listening to it one gets the fruits of the Vajapeya Yagya.

According to the belief, Kamada Ekadashi fasting, which gives desired results and fulfills all wishes, is observed on the day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. According to legend, when asked by Dharmavatar Maharaj Yudhishthira, Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna, told the law and importance of Kamada Ekadashi, located in the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, and said that at one time the same question was asked by King Dileep to his Gurudev Vashist ji. Then the answer given by him, I listen to you to satisfy your curiosity, you listen with concentration. While calming the curiosity of King Dileep, Maharishi Vashisht ji said – Kamada Ekadashi fasting on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month is going to consume sins. By fasting, the kuyoni is released and in the end heaven is attained. It is the one who gives birth to a son and fulfills all desires. On the first day of Kamada Ekadashi fasting, one should remember Lord Vishnu by having one meal of barley, wheat and moong etc.

On the second day (on Ekadashi), after taking bath in the morning, perform Parmeshwar Pratikamanaya Kamdaikadashivratam in a sinful manner. With this resolution, one should worship the Lord with devotion, devotion and methodical practice. After performing nirajan by offering scent, flowers, incense, lamp, naivedya etc. In this way, after spending the day in the service and remembrance of God, do awakening in the night with stories, talks, hymns and hymns, sankirtans etc. Then after worshiping Lord Vishnu on Dwadashi, after completing Brahmin food etc., Parana and food should be taken. In this way, one who observes Kamada Ekadashi fast in Chaitra Shukla Paksha, all his wishes are fulfilled.

The story of Kamada Ekadashi is mentioned in many Puranas, but almost the same story is found in all the places, which is narrated by Maharishi Vashistha to King Dileep in the past and later by Shri Krishna to Yudhishthira. according to legend

While narrating the legend of Kamada Ekadashi fast narrated by Maharishi Vashishth to King Dileep, Yudhishthira said that

In ancient times, a king named Pundarika, with many opulences, ruled in a city called Bhogipur, adorned with gold and gems. Many Apsaras, Kinnars and Gandharvas used to live in Bhogipur city. A Gandharva husband and wife couple named Lalit and Lalita also lived in this city. Lalit and Lalita were very much in love with each other, even a moment’s separation became as long as a mountain for both of them.

One day a dance was going on in the assembly of King Pundarika in which the Gandharvas were singing and the Apsaras were dancing. Gandharva Lalit was also singing in the assembly that day, but while singing, he started remembering his wife Lalita and her tone, rhythm and rhythm started deteriorating. A serpent named Karkat (Karkot) realized this mistake and peeping into his mind, told the reason for this mistake to King Pundarik. Pundarika was very angry knowing this and cursed Lalit and made him a giant demon. When his beloved Lalita came to know about this story, she felt very sad and sorry. Lalit kept roaming in the demon vagina for years. His wife Lalita also followed suit. She was very sad to see her husband in this condition. She too would follow Lalit, who was walking in the demon vagina and find a way to get rid of this pain.

One day while walking she reached Shringi Rishi’s ashram and bowed down to the sage. Now knowing the reason for coming from Lalita, the sage said, O Goddess, what are you doing in this wild forest and why have you come here. Then Lalita put all the agony in front of the Maharishi. Lalita said that my name is Lalita. My husband has become a giant demon by the curse of King Pundarika. I am very sorry for this. Tell me any way to save him. Shringi Rishi said that after a few days Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi is about to come, whose name is Kamada Ekadashi. By observing this fast, all the works of a human being are proved. If you fast on Kamada Ekadashi and give the fruits of his virtue to your husband, then he will soon be freed from the demon vagina and the king’s curse will surely be pacified. Lalita followed the orders of the sage and did exactly as the sage Shringi had told her. Lalita observed the Ekadashi fast in the sage’s ashram itself and gave the virtue of fasting to her husband on the day of Dwadashi. Due to the virtue of fasting, he again returned to his old normal form in the form of a demon and due to the glory of fasting on Kamada Ekadashi, both Lalit and Lalita started living in heaven while sitting in the plane.

It is believed that by observing this fast methodically, all sins are destroyed and the vagina of demons etc. is also released. There is no other fast like this in the world. By reading or listening to its story, the fruit of the Vajapeya Yagya is obtained.

According to mythological belief, one who satisfies Lord Vishnu with divine hymns composed by sages on Ekadashi, Vaishnava hymns of Angveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda, other hymns of Sanskrit and Prakrit, and by means of musical instruments etc. The mythological saying is –

Ya: Re-reading nightrau gata namsahasrakam.

Dwadashya purto Vishnuvaishnavanam samapatah.

Sa gachhetparam place yatra narayana: tvayam.

That is, one who recites Gita and Vishnu Sahasranama in the presence of Vaishnava devotees in front of Lord Vishnu on the night of Ekadashi, he goes to that supreme abode, where Lord Narayana is seated.

The virtuous Bhagwat and Skanda Purana are dear to Lord Vishnu. I don’t even know what is the merit of the one who reads the description of the child character of Lord Vishnu in Mathura and Vraj by worshiping Lord Keshav on the night of Ekadashi. Maybe Lord Vishnu knows. The same fruit that comes from singing, dancing and chanting hymns in the presence of Lord Hari is attained by reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam, Geeta and Shrimad Bhagwat a thousand times in Kali while awakening near Shri Hari. His virtue is not destroyed even in a hundred cycles. One who worships Shri Hari with devotion with Tulsidas along with Manjari during the awakening period, is not born again in this world. Bathing, sandalwood paste, incense, lamp, naivegh and tambool, if all these are dedicated to God during the awakening period, then there is inexhaustible virtue.

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