Kabul trembled with explosion! During Namaz, there were loud explosions near the mosque, many injured

New Delhi | Kabul Blast: During the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the series of bomb blasts has been continuous. Today on Friday, on the day of Friday, there has been a big explosion in the area near the Wazir Muhammad Akbar Khan Grand Mosque in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Several people have been reported injured in this blast. According to the spokesperson of the Home Minister, the blast took place on the main road near the mosque.

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cloud of dust all around
Kabul Blast: After the blast on Friday, a cloud of dust covered the spot and there was a stir among the people. According to ANI, the blast near the mosque in Kabul was very horrific. The blast happened at a time when people were coming out after offering prayers in the mosque. After the blast, there was chaos on the spot and people were seen running here and there to save their lives. Many innocent people have been injured in this blast, who have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

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police engaged in investigation
Kabul Blast: According to the Kabul police, several people have been reported killed in this blast. However, the full details of the number of people killed or injured are not yet known. The police is engaged in the investigation of the blast. The investigation of the incident site is being done. So far no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the blast.

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