Kaam Ki Baat: Paying off debt is getting difficult, these financial tips will help you


Financial Tips: Almost everyone has to face financial crisis at some point in their life. Although everyone tries not to do this to them. People often take loans in financial crisis but repaying the loan is not easy for everyone. Many times people take a new loan to pay off the old loan. However, one can also get out of the debt trap. Today we will tell you some such tips which can be used to get rid of your debt.

small loans

  • If you are trapped in the debt trap, then first of all repay the small loans. Loans that can be repaid in lump sum should be repaid first.

If there is more than one loan

  • If you have taken more than one loan, then do it separately for them. If suddenly you have money, then decide which loan to pay off first.

loan restructuring

  • If you have a big loan, then it can be restructured. Many banks provide this facility. In this process, the credit card balance is converted into a personal loan. Also the penalty is waived off.

tax benefited loans

  • Tax benefits are available on many loans like home loan or education loan. Do not repay such loan before the stipulated period.

Keep these things in mind

  • If you cannot repay such a loan, you can get into any legal trouble or other trouble, then to repay it, you can mortgage your asset-gold, plot, provident fund or any other investment.
  • Never take another loan to pay off one loan.
  • Whenever you take a loan, take it from a bank or reputed institution only.

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