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justice vs politics

Imagine. If similar sympathy is shown to the Muslims convicted in many terrorist incidents or their release is demanded, So how will the country react? Is it even possible to do this in today’s environment?

It is undeniable that the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was a terrorist act. Despite this, a large section of Tamil Nadu’s population remained sympathetic towards the people who carried out this action. Just like a section of Punjab’s population has been towards Khalistani terrorists. Among them are the terrorists who assassinated former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and former Chief Minister of the state Beant Singh. Openly expressing sympathy towards such criminals and demanding their release has been continuing there for a long time. So due to the demands of electoral politics, the political parties there have also been seeing their advantage in following this demand. But now imagine. If similar sympathy is shown to the Muslims convicted in many terrorist incidents or their release is demanded, then how will the reaction in the country? In today’s environment, is it even possible to do this without risking your life? This question is directly related to the release of Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict AG Perarivalan. The appeal of the Tamil Nadu government to release him was accepted by the Supreme Court.

The question may be right in its place that after all, to what extent should the punishment of crime be in a civilized and humane system? But this is a matter of wide debate. An important aspect of that debate is that there should be no provision for the death penalty. Also, there should be a well-defined system of what is meant by life imprisonment. But the reality is that there is a provision of death penalty in our country and there is no such system regarding life imprisonment. Wouldn’t it then be said that Perarivalan’s case is an example of politics prevailing over justice? Imagine. If the Congress was in a strong position today and ruled in Tamil Nadu or at the Centre, would this release be possible? That’s why this release is problematic. This indicates that the forces which dominate politics, justice is decided by their thinking. Whereas justice should be decided by law, constitution and highest level of conscience.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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