Jharkhand government’s new initiative Good Samaritan Scheme

Ranchi. In Jharkhand (Jharkhand), the state government has implemented the Good Samaritan Scheme with the aim of motivating and encouraging people to take the road accident victims to the hospital. Under this scheme, cash prizes and citations ranging from two thousand to five thousand will be given. The government has also arranged necessary funds for this scheme. The SOP of this scheme has been issued by the Transport Department. A Good Samaritan shall be deemed to be one who takes the injured person to the hospital without expecting any special relationship, financial benefit or reward.

Doctors of health centers will identify such people. If a person takes an injured person to the hospital, then he will be given two thousand rupees. If the number of persons taken to the hospital exceeds two, then both will be given a prize of two thousand rupees each and if there are more than two persons, a reward of five thousand rupees will be given collectively. The fund of the award will be with the District Transport Officers of all the districts. 25 thousand rupees will be given in this help for each community center in the district. If such a case comes to the fore, the DTO will provide this amount to the concerned health center without delay. The government has assured that the Good Samaritan will not face legal complications. If in any case, the Good Samaritan, who took the injured person to the hospital, needs to be called for testimony in court etc., then he will be given one thousand rupees for every time he travels.

In the SOP issued by the government, it has been told that the Medical Officer-in-Charge of the Community Health Center will provide the report related to the Good Samaritan on the 5th of every month and after that on the 7th of every month all the DTOs will prepare the report of their area. The tax will be sent to the Road Safety Department. Let us inform that every year three to four thousand people die in road accidents in Jharkhand, while reports of injuries are registered for about the same number of people. According to the recently released data of the National Crime Records Bureau, in the year 2021 in Jharkhand, in 4728 road accidents, 3513 people died, while 3227 people were injured. By taking the injured people to the hospital within the Golden Hour, that is, about an hour, the chances of saving their lives increases. (IANS)

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