Jharkhand Congress’s compulsion to carry the palanquin

Hemant Soren’s government in Jharkhand is running with the support of Congress. Congress has 16 won MLAs and two MLAs had left Babulal Marandi’s party, out of which one of Bandhu Tirkey’s membership has ended. Yet the Congress has 17 MLAs and on its own strength the Congress should have been in a commanding position. But surprisingly, despite not getting any importance in the government, the Congress party is carrying the palanquin of the government. RJD with one MLA has one minister and Congress with 16 MLAs has four ministers. But ministers have no freedom to work independently.

The state government is implicated in various charges. The stone mines were leased in the name of the Chief Minister, regarding which the Election Commission has issued a notice. There are allegations against the MLA brother and wife of the Chief Minister of taking mines and land. Investigation is going on against those close to the Chief Ministers and the High Court has ordered regarding fake companies. Despite this, Congress is not doing anything to make the government responsible. Many times there was a demand from the Congress to formulate a common minimum program and form a coordination committee, but the Chief Minister did not pay heed to it.

The Chief Minister is treating the support of the Congress as a guarantee. They also do not give any special attention to the high profile in-charge of the state. To create pressure, the in-charge had instructed the Congress MLAs not to talk directly to the CM, but this pressure also did not work. It is being told that many Congress MLAs are in touch with the Chief Minister and are preparing to fight the next election on Jharkhand Mukti Morcha ticket. Some MLAs are in touch with the BJP and will fight the election on the lotus symbol. In such a situation, Congress will be left with nothing. Due to the compulsion of the Congress to carry the palanquin of the government, there is a possibility of a big loss to the party. Congress is losing its base, due to which it can go to the situation of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh.

Parth Vekariya

Parth Vekariya is the Senior Journalist at covering political & technology news and updates. For more you can follow him on Twitter @iparthvekariya
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